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GrowthCLUB: 90-Day Planning Workshops




Venue:  Gleddoch House Hotel & Golf Club, Old Greenock Road, Langbank PA14 6YE


Date:  Wednesday, 21st June 2017





Monthly Workshops





25 April 2017 -- Financials Made Simple - Know the Numbers in Your Business - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW


9 May 2017 -- Marketing Campains: What Do I Do?




11 July 2017 -- Building a Referral-Based Business


8 August 2017 -- Leverage: Building Systems into your Business


20 September 2017 -- GrowthCLUB 90-Day Planning


10 October 2017 -- The 6 Keys to a Winning Team


14 November 2017 -- Creating Raving Fans


13 December 2017 -- GrowthCLUB 90-Day Planning



Investment: *£59 + vat per person/per workshop, excluding GrowthCLUB **

£297 + vat per GrowthCLUB, £97 for each additional team member (£249 + vat early bird registration) **

£1,295 + vat for SeminarCLUB – All 12 workshops for 2 team members per business **


*All tickets are payable in advance to confirm seat availability

**1-1 and Block coaching clients attend workshops at no charge, in accordance with their program selection


Timings and locations:

GrowthCLUB 90-Day Planning workshops run from 8:30am to 5:00pm, followed by drinks at the bar, at various venues. Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

All other monthly workshops run from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the Campanile Hotel (SECC), 10 Tunnel Street, Glasgow G3 8HL. Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided.

Email Andy to register for any of these events.



  Read what some of Andy's clients said about GrowthCLUB:

"Very positive.   A chance to take time out and put together a detailed plan for the next 3 months, and focus on the most important issues in the business."

Adam Davidson, BoConcept


  "Interesting, fun, full of useful information. A clearer vision of where I want to be and how to achieve it."

Mark McCay, The Kitchen Depot


  "Something every single business should be doing."

James Callaghan, Domino Letting


  "Fantastic – Great to get away and work ON the business.   Real accountable focus to improve efficiency and work/life balance.  It asked me questions I’d never thought of before; you can’t deal with what you don’t know."

Neil Berry, Clydesdale Bank


  "Focuses the mind on what needs to be done in a structured way.   Gives me renewed drive to move the company forward."

Douglas Simpson, Colin Simpson Optometrist


  “Excellent (as always)!   ... Absolutely critical.  Provides a perfect setting to take time out to think about where the business is going – what is working well and what needs to be improved.  The materials and presentations are packed with information.”

Stuart Easton, Eastons Private Solicitors


  “Good, full of info, inspirational.   Beneficial to all business owners, I will encourage owners I know to attend.”

Stewart Swan, Newtown Services


  “Informative, motivating, and helpful.”

Pamela Allen, Orchardgrove Nursery


  “Shows you how to dissect and analyse your business bit by bit so you can plan your growth.  Has given so many ideas for improvement.”

Kevin Paul, Wholesale Kitchens Direct


  “Extremely informative, well paced and well presented.   A simple but detailed insight into what is going on in your business and what you should be focusing on to improve.”

Alan Kilbride, Arch Henderson


  “Gets you to think about your business from a totally different perspective.   It’s an eye opener!”

Ewan Macdonald, Houston Traditional Kiltmakers


  “Informal, informative and helpful.   Exceeded my expectations.”

David Ritchie, World of Wings


  "Great ideas, energy & motivation to change"

Jim Meldrum, Concierge Vehicle Solutions



David Rushbury, Studio Golf Ayrshire


  "Stimulated ideas, made me realise the importance of having a plan and writing down goals."

Martin Murphy, Dino Martino Entertainment


  "Excellent, everything was kept simple and to the point. The day flew by."

Steven MacLaren, MacLaren Electrical Services


   "It was a completely new way to look at my business. Made me realise how little I plan where my business is going short and long term."

Garry Montgomerie, Montgomerie Flooring


   "Helps us focus on clear steps to achieve our goals. It also made me realise I need to go back to look at the business long term goals"

Helen Campbell, Studio KAP Architects


   "It's been fantastic. My enthusiasm for my business has grown massively. I feel more like a business owner... Andy has been great at helping me with this!"

Scott McKay, Sync or Swim Productions


   "It will allow me to free up some time to let me work on the business and progress the business further. An excellent day."

Euan Brown, Alternative Systems Protection


    "Another interesting and enjoyable day." Learned a lot from discussions with other attendees. Feel fired up to go back and work on the business more."

Janet Innes, Blueprint Planning

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