"Thanks again for leading us thru a truly wonderful experience this past weekend.  The executive team at The Donaldson Group is thrilled with the final work product and we are all very excited about moving TDG to the next level."  Carlton Einsel, President, The Donaldson Group.

"I have to thank you for how well things are going. I have been so focussed recently, business is coming at me from all directions and your guidance has helped.  This week has been my most successful week since I joined ConferenceDirect, making two bookings and taking my yearly total to within 28K of the Million Dollars revenue which I set myself as the goal to break this year. I should hit that number before the end of June. With six months to go in 2014 I am going to go for 2 million. In addition I signed up a new client who has already given me six RFPs to source."  Tony Anderson, Conference Direct

"THANK YOU ANGIE.  There are no words to describe how wonderful and lucky I have been to have Angie Segal as my business coach.  When Angie and I first started out my office was a warehouse of paper and a complete mess.  I knew that my business was ready to go to the next level but I wasn't sure how to get there and I knew that I needed help.  Angie has provided me with the tools, knowledge, insight, guidance and confidence to bring my company to that next level.  With her guidance and assistance I have landed a very large contract.  Angie has made herself available to me on a daily basis and has guided me every step of the way. Her knowledge of marketing, both conventional and internet has helped tremendously.   She has prepared charts, analysis, and helped me every step of the way.  Angie has helped Torri's Legal Services and I am so grateful to have her as my coach." Torri Schaffer, Torri's Legal Services

“A few years ago, I attended one of Angie's workshops, "Your Social Media Strategy",  and realized our office needed help with social media marketing.  She gave us a special rate for a one-hour consultation and really opened our eyes to the dynamic mobile and social society we live in. She offered some best practices that we implemented  immediately. Thanks to her expertise, we have a new website and constant flow of ideas and information to promote our service in different ways.  I admire her professionalism and knowledge and would highly recommend her fantastic coaching. We have reached immeasurable ROI with just that short consultation”.  Glenda Ashkin, Falcon Express Transportation, Inc.  www. Fxtran.com

"Last week was the strongest week (revenue wise) that I have had with CD since joining 3 years ago. Sincerely appreciate you keeping me laser focused, organized and more motivated to grow my business. :)" - Sharon Gates

  All I can say is that "Thank You" is not enough! I already had 5 appts on the calendar for July, but started my calls at 8:00 am this morning and have already started seeing fruit.  I literally finished up my work day at 5:00 pm yesterday and then went to do the night time session for the youths from 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm. I was so, so excited about our meeting, that I literally stayed up until about 1:00 am and mapped out what it would take to bring in my revenue goals.  Angie, in closing, I thank you for letting me know that Coaching is mandatory In order to take your business to the next level. Dina Nance, Training by Design, www.TrainingbyDesignInc.com

 "I’ve been a skeptic of coaching for over 20 years.  I finally took a leap of faith and embraced the idea at last year’s CFG Academy.  I found the program so successful that I continued the coaching relationship with Angie Segal even though my academy has ended. To me Angie has served as the perfect mirror that as an advisor I’ve been reluctant to look at.  Her sense of accountability for my work has kept me honest at monthly intervals.  You can fool yourself into thinking you are working smart, but you can’t fool a coach like Angie.  If you are interested in bettering your business; if you are interested in holding yourself accountable;  if you are interested in developing a good working relationship with a driven professional; sign up with Angie. If you want to continue pretending… don’t."  John Rusciolelli, Rusciolelli Financial


“I recently participated in Angie’s workshop “Leverage: The Game of Business”. Leverage is a bit like Monopoly, except that it enables players to learn basic business strategies for increasing customers, revenue and profit during play. Participants gain insights into how they are currently operating their businesses, and changes that can be immediately applied towards their success. Angie was a wonderful instructor and coach, offering helpful real-world advice for us to employ as we faced challenges posed by the game. New and experienced business people will benefit from participating in Angie’s Leverage workshop, and it is also a beneficial activity for partner & team development.”   Chris Shea, Managing Partner, Synergetic International

"In very little time, Angie helped us distill our key messages to one simple phrase. We were particularly impressed by her ability to guide us through the common threads of our diverse programs and services, allowing us to articulate a single brand and purpose that can be understood by all of our constituencies. We have been testing the new platform with much success since our session with Angie."

Melissa Carrier
Executive Director
Center for Social Value Creation
Robert H. Smith School of Business

“Angie's approach to coaching is unique and refreshing. Anyone who has been in business for the last 20 years has seen the coaching industry explode with little to no deviation from the staid "died in the wool" method of elevating one's career. Angie utilizes creative out-of-the-box methodolgies to get the most out of her clients. In addition, she creates scenarios which allow the client to see his or her potential in a different light, subsequently opening new possibilites to broadening one's horizons and enhancing one's position in the workplace. Refreshing indeed! 
With a gregarious and always approachable demeanor, I recommend you elevate your career with Angie's guidance! 

Gregg Zeiler, Realtor ® 
Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

 "Angie, Thank you for helping me make this my best year ever! Could not have done it without you."  Josh Norris, Interactive Magic

A Poem a Client Wrote For Me


If you feel like you’re working yourself half to death,
Never have time to take a deep breath,
But business is awful, cash comes in at a trickle
And your loyal clients are frequently fickle.
What can you do to turn things around?
And get your feet onto more solid ground?
A business coach gives you added perspectives
And keeps you focused on reaching objectives.
Give Angie a call, she’ll help you survive
And then work on making your small business thrive.


  "One of the hardest things for a small business owner to do is to take the time to think about and plan for the growth of your business.  Your time is consumed with running the business and you find there are just not enough hours in the day.  This is true for me.  Thankfully, I have weekly meetings with Angie Segal, who provides me with the space in my week to think and plan.  Angie asks the right probing questions to open the gates to proactive thinking and helps hold me accountable to myself and my business.  If you’ve never experienced the power of professional coaching, give Angie a call."  Paula Rothenberg, The Wellness Communits, www.wellnesscommunitydc.org

“Angie has been my coach for 18 months. She helps to keep me on track and is a great resource when I want to develop a new program/product.”  Mary Ellen Barringer, Sequoia Philanthropic http://www.sequoiaphilanthropic.com/

 "Angie has been such an important part of PRN Media Health's growth. With her business coaching experience, she's able to quickly come up with which direction to go next every step of the way. Plus, Angie is just so easy to talk to and what she says always makes business sense. Most of all, she has your best interest at heart and wants nothing less than continued success for all her clients."     Dr. Vidushi Babber, MD, PRN Media Health  www.prnhealth.com


"Angie is great. I never thought I would really benefit from business coaching -- hey, I know what I'm doing, right? But it is wonderful having another set of eyes looking at what I'm doing and giving me specific and targeted advice to keep me on track. My catering business has been hit really hard by the economy and we have been hanging by a thread for months. Angie is that thread! She doesn't say vaguely, You need to do more marketing; she says, This week, why don't you go see so-and-so and take them a platter of brownies? Or, this week, call a few clients you haven't heard from in a while and remind them you're still available to help them with food. She helps me set targets and then keeps me on track. I love her!  "   Nancy Hartwell, My Kitchen Catering www.mykitchencatering.biz 

"Angie is great to work with. She is energetic and enthusiastic sharing her knowledge and expertise as a business coach. She cares about the success of her clients and works with them to achieve it providing creative and time tested strategies."  Carol Plummer

“I have received more ideas from one hour with Angie that from entire seminars on topics such as time management, employee challenges and marketing my business. She has the experience to uncovered the root of a problem efficiently. She is generous with her knowledge and respectful of my limited time. Angie is a dynamic partner to my business.”   Mary McCormack,  Sage Small Business Services http://www.sagesmallbusiness.com/

“Intelligent, decisive, easy to working witjh and most important you will benefit from her services 100%."  Keith Phillips, DDS  www.phillips-dds.com

"Angie Segal has provided me and my company the direction we need to transition to the next stage of our growth.  I will recommend her services to others."

Skip Case, Case Industrial Partners  www.caseindustrial.com 

"Angie has been my business coach for several months now. What a difference she has made in my business! We're in startup mode, trying to launch a new software product, and her advice has helped me stay in strategic thinking mode rather than becoming bogged down in the daily grind nonsense that can so disrupt progress. Her feedback when I've asked her to review plans and pitches has been targeted, useful, relevant, and generously given with smiles and enthusiasm. I am so happy to be an organically grown customer evangelist!"

Aaron Overton


 "I met Action Coach Angie Segal a few months ago and immediately saw the benefits in setting up a plan for my business. It really represented many of things that I knew I had to do but just found myself putting off. Once I began to work with her, an epiphany of sorts took hold and suddenly I realized how few people really achieve their goals because they just don't know how to consistently do the things that need to be done to achieve extraordinary results.  I have been doing business planning for many years and in different industries, but working with Angie has revolutionized the way I plan, think and execute. I actually feel that for the first time I will realize my very ambitious goals."  Terry Taylor, AIG Retirement Services 

I want to personally thank you for your participation in the 1st Annual W.O.M.E.N.'s Conference.  From the participants (evaluations and discussions), the information that you provided assisted with developing goals for self improvement, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Stay tuned for upcoming W.O.M.E.N. workshops through the remaining year and next year.  Again, thank you.
Mprove & Progress!

Omar S. Muhammad
Morgan State University
Entrepreneurial Development and Assistance Center (EDAC)
Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management


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