Paul Lomas, Sales & Marketing Director
So obviously  Energycentric: we’re a utility procurement and management company. So I met Kent first because I wanted to prep the ground because I knew that my business partner would have been skeptical. And it was really good. He came in and he presented a vision of ActionCOACH and the building blocks from leverage all the way up to getting a general manager and I just knew at that stage that it was the right thing for us to do. My expectations were that he would–he would come and allow my business partner and I to be accountable. I think that almost take a CEO role inside Energycentric. And that’s what my expectations of what he would deliver and he definitely have.

Kent Rhodes, ActionCOACH Business Coach
Well, one of the things that I do as an ActionCOACH is take businesses from good to great. And I decided that Energycentric is a really good business when I met it. And we have two fantastic directors that weren’t on the same page.  And just getting them on the same page could move them forward and the price of building what is arguably a great business.

Paul Antoniades, Managing Director
The relationship with my coach is really good. I think that it’s both professional and quite amicable and grown as friends, to certain degree. However, I think we both know when to stop the social, when to talk about business and what–to look at things we really need to concentrate on.

Paul Lomas: So we started seeing results from having an ActionCOACH, 12 weeks in. Kent and I have met, we’d spoke about a way about increasing sales by increasing the margins through the five ways. Came back, luckily we have systems that we own. So we change our systems and money started changing within about 12 weeks.

Kent Rhodes: Welp–my number one strategy is use the ActionCOACH system and ah–for the first step, was get people on the same page by doing an alignment. Making sure they got a clear focus and direction and know what we’re boarding. Start with an — mind.

Second thing was get the people sorted out in terms of how they use their time. Getting the directors to work on not just in the business. You know, following the system, going, and looking at how we make the most profit. So we very early on, we did a profit margin strategy–that worked really well. And started getting results, I think a towards end of the 12 weeks, we’re already started getting some results.  And then we started working on the delivery most recent. Just using the ActionCOACH 6 Steps System.

Paul Antoniades Staff numbers have increased. I’d say this probably going up about 20 to 25%. We’ve had some casualties along the way but we’ve actually seen that the people that got us to where we are, aren’t necessarily the people to take us forward. (03:07) Well, it’s pretty pleasing actually. In terms of turnover,  in 2015, we have a turnover of 1.18M. Whilst the count is still being done, the amount of count that I’ve got indicate that we have 16% increase to just under 1.35M. Gross profit figures, they’ve gone up from 678,000 just over 800,000. Again an 18% increase. And the most pleasing thing is the net profit figure which was £91,000, has gone up to about just under a hundred and thirty. So that’s nearly 37% increase.

Paul Lomas: Yeah it have–one of the crazy things we did early, early days in our relationship with ActionCOACH. We’ve got to do this profile. So I did one of those in my wife and then finally understood why we’ve been married for so many years. Because I then get to understand her. So yes I would say it had a profound effect on my family life. (04:05) So our business has achieved planning. For the first time ever,  both of–my business partner and I know exactly the direction of the business. It allowed us to create accountability inside the business. We’ve moved away from being an employee to Director of the business and we are generating more profit now that we could have ever imagine.

Paul Antoniades: But I would honestly say that it’s–give it a go. And put your heart and soul into it because I think, at the end of the day, it’s not just about your business and making money and what you want to do going forward. It’s about how you improve as a person. How you improve around others. How your management and staff look at you. And I would strongly recommend using an ActionCOACH

Paul Lomas: One of the examples of the change of culture in Energycentric is that, we’re all going out next week on a company–company night out and it was just natural to invite our coach and he’s coming along, although he’s an external contractor. He really is seen as part of the management team–the directors team of Energycentric.

Kent Rhodes: I feel truly privileged and honored to work with people like Paul and Paul. Ahm, you know, to watch accomplished businessmen take on knowledge and grow as people–ahm.. What I really love about Energycentric is we put people first and money second. And the money comes. And so you look after people. Your people become better–better people, better business, better results. So it’s all about helping people have better lives. 

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