Earl Kemper: I’ll never forget the time I worked with a business owner, a financial adviser. She was working eighty five hours a week. She was a single Mom, and she was just trying to make the business work…and in our conversations and coaching sessions together, she’d just continually beat herself up about not being a very nurturing mother, not a very nurturing person in all of her relationships. ​ In fact she made a list and there was over a hundred and fifty different things that she said that beat herself up. So what we did was we had her write an I am statement, and the I am statement was I am a very nurturing mother that spends quality time with her son, and there were many others but that was the most powerful. One night I will never forget was when she called me late afternoon. She said “Earl Earl! For the first time, I went into my son’s bedroom and we saw the sunset together.” It crushed me to think that that was the first time that that had ever happened in her life and she said to me with a powerful statement “I am a very nurturing mother that spends quality time with her son!”

From that moment, she was able to double her business in six months, double it again again in six months, triple it in seven months and sell the business it was amazing to see the transformation in her life..

What if you truly recognized your life’s potential?

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