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Useful Tips: Learn to Plan and Plan to Learn

Useful Tips: Learn to Plan and Plan to Learn
We’ve all heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you fail to plan.” But how many of us really take it seriously?  Do we even understand what planning is, why we should do it and what the value would be?

In my experience, until we understand […]

Costly Mistakes that a New Franchisee Makes

Costly Mistakes that a New Franchisee Makes
Wise people learn from their mistakes. Exceptionally wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. And these mistakes can appear on paper in the form of dollars. Your franchise will definitely come with manuals and training programs. However, as a newbie franchisee, you will tend to make choices without […]

SWOT: Identify Opportunities and Defend Against Threats

SWOT: Identify Opportunities and Defend Against Threats
A couple of clients this month have been talking to me about how to complete a SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat). On both occasions I had to tell them that, in my view the biggest problem with this analysis was the acronym it has been given because it […]

Stop Competing on Price

Stop Competing on Price
The most common complaint I hear when talking to owners of small to medium sized businesses is that, “we can’t compete with the big guys on price.”

The perception in the market place is that people are shopping on price alone. The only reason your customer asks the price up front is […]

Choosing the Best Location for your Franchise

Let’s just assume, for the sake of making a point; that you have opened up a Dunkin Donut drive-thru on the side of a busy road. The outlet looks great. It is bright and visible with a signboard pointing towards it and the location is strategic. The road has a lot of traffic influx […]

Simple Staff Systems to Save You Time

The simple truth is that most entrepreneurs are not that interested in managing people. They started businesses because they had a good business idea, and that’s where they want to spend their time. Of course, another truth is that no business will be sustainable if its people are not well managed. The good news […]

A Simplified Guide to Choosing the Right Franchise for You

So you have decided to go into a franchise business but you don’t know where to start? It is natural to feel overwhelmed when you are at crossroads with a lot of options on the plate. This guide has been compiled to help you make decisions along the way to choosing the perfect fit […]

3 Inspiring Success Stories of Great Entrepreneurs

Beating the odds and achieving success is something that only the most hard working and determined individuals end up doing. There are examples of numerous entrepreneurs who faced tons of adversity and came out even stronger, with their stories later being taught in schools and colleges. They defied odds, preserved, held on to their […]

5 Common Myths about Franchising That Need to be Debunked

There are certain things you might have heard that are putting you off from buying a franchise. There may also be some exaggerated facts that try to seduce you into buying a franchise without thinking. Whatever you may have heard, we are going to dissect some really common ones and serve them up you […]

6 Steps to Building a Successful Marketing Plan

I have worked with two clients this week, helping them to set their marketing plan for 2016. It occurred to me that we used the same six step process and so I thought I would share it in this blog.

Step 1 – This is the step that, in my experience many businesses miss out […]