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Manage Your Time or It Will Manage You

Accept – you will never be able to do everything you want… because there is just too much to do.

Purpose – the driving force behind managing your time is to accomplish your ultimate goal/s.

FOUR SKILLS  required to use your time wisely
Analysis, Planning, Delegation, Self management

THE PROCESS  for success

What to do

Spend your time doing what […]

Time Robbers and What to do About Them

Interesting week last week! I was sitting across the table from one of my clients, Daryl. His biggest frustration is getting everything done that he plans for the week. Have you ever had this problem?

Sure most of us have…. We’ve either planned to do more than we possibly could, or, as is most commonly […]

Stop Blaming Time

How many times have you heard people say “I don’t have enough time to do …” or “If only I could find the time to do …” Or “I am too busy to do …” Perhaps the person you heard saying these or similar things is the same person who stares back at you […]

Power of Priorities

There are two things that business people find very challenging: thinking ahead and doing things in order of importance. Doing these two things makes the difference between a successful business and just surviving. And the same is true for all areas of our lives.

Leadership trainer and author John Maxwell says, “Thinking ahead and prioritizing […]

How to Leverage Your Way to the Top

It was Archimedes that said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Well, the same can be true in business. Learning to leverage your time can make a huge difference to your business.

One of the biggest challenges that business owners have […]

Is it a Time Management Challenge or a Self-Management Challenge?

Are you like most business owners out there that are struggling to find enough time to breathe? Do you have a list of tactics and strategies that would take your business to the next level if you only had the time to implement them?

How can you overcome the time challenges you currently face to […]

Time Mastery

Mastery Region is one of the most difficult challenges facing business owner’s today- how to efficiently utilize your most valuable resource – your TIME! Time Mastery is a challenge for every person in business. This is one area where you must pay attention and learn how to improve.

How you spend your time in your […]

Choosing What is Best – The Key to Time Management

I work with so many clients that feel overwhelmed and out of control.  They believe the lie that if they just had more time, or if they managed their time better, that they would lose that feeling.  The fact is that the feelings of overwhelm are rooted in a lack of clarity about what […]

Time Management – The Time Target

Benjamin Franklin said “time is money”. But if he meant “time = money” he was selling himself short, because surely Time > Money: if you spend your money, you can make some more, but once you spend your time, it is gone forever!

And how much time do we have? Of course, we can never […]

Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog:

Okay. So, you’ve started your day, and there’s so much to do. Ever ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Many business owners I talk to do. They’ve got so much on their plate: sales, marketing, finances, hiring, cleaning the bathroom (just checking to see if you are still awake), and let’s not […]