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4 Beliefs That Could Change How You Use Your Time

Intellectual reasoning and practical behavior aren’t always congruent. Professional results commanding high remuneration only occur when they are preceded with a mind-set on victory and the disciplined behaviors that one can refine to optimize results. Often is-the-case where the “hoped for” results are much greater in magnitude than the rigor and discipline people commit […]

Time Management is not realistic

There are a million books,  workshops and web-based classes on managing time—the challenge is, time can not be managed.  There are twenty-four hours in a day and nothing to be done about it.  So, instead of managing time, think of managing yourself in the construct of time.

To begin, please understand that time is the […]

When 24 Hours in a Day is Not Enough

Time management is discussed a lot, when in fact you can’t manage time… but you can manage yourself.

If you don’t have enough time now it’s because of the choices you’ve made in the past which is great as it means that all you have to do to get more time, is make better choices!

So […]

Are You Losing Sight of Your Goals?

Let me paint a scenario for you, which I know is familiar to many.

You come into work bright and early to catch up on all those major things you need to do, and you sit back at your desk with great intentions.

However, you need a coffee to get started, and there are a couple […]

Will You Reach Your Goals This Quarter?

With the current economic crisis, running a business is getting tougher. I often hear flustered business owners say things like, “I don’t have enough time to get everything done,” and “How do I become more efficient at time management?”

Time is a limited resource. However, time cannot be managed. What you can manage are the […]

Where Do You Focus Your Time?

Steven Covey, in his book First Things First, talks about what he calls the ‘Time Management Matrix’.  It is essential to understand this concept if you want a chance to get a hold of where your time goes and how to get it back under your control. Let’s discuss this concept with a different […]

Effective Time Management Starts With Clear Vision and Goals

As we begin our look at time management, it only makes sense to start with the end in mind. Why is that important? Simply put – if you do not have a clear vision or goals in life or in business – then time management really becomes pointless.

Developing the right mindset and proper attitude […]

Are You Leading Your Company Or Just Managing It?

As the owner or chief executive in your company, how much time do you spend on leading and not just managing? If your goal is to create a growing, profitable business that can work without you, strong leadership is a must.

Author William Arthur Ward once wrote, “Flatter me, and I may not believe you. […]

Time to Rest, Time to Play

I thought about doing a piece on management of time at work but decided to adopt a piece written by John Niland about using your time outside of work as well.

Time to Play:

The quality of a business owner’s life and the success of the business is heavily dependant on sources of energy and inspiration […]

Time is Money – Invest it Wisely

Time is a limited resource for most business owners, so it must be “manage” if you want to achieve your goals within the timeframe you set. Time management (or SELF-management) is all about setting priorities and sticking with them.

When it comes to managing your time (or self) consider this: There is a big difference […]