Do You Know Your Core Product?

Do you do too much in your business?

I don’t mean do you personally take on too much in the business, but does your business try to offer too many things to too many people? It’s a common theme in small business, and it’s something I see as a business coach every week.

These are businesses […]

Don’t Forget About the Customer

I just had a recent client who started coaching with me.  He was eager to grow his business, and I was able to get him to focus like a laser beam on revenue and client growth.  Month after month he applied all of our marketing and business development tools, and generated significant growth and […]

7 tips para retener a tus clientes actuales

De acuerdo con la revista de Negocios de Harvard, el 67% de los clientes que escogen un nuevo proveedor: Estaban satisfechos con su proveedor anterior!! En promedio, la mayora de los negocios en Mexico pierden la
mitad de sus clientes base cada 5 anos. Entonces porque los clientes satisfechos simplemente dejan de hacer negocios contigo?

Las […]

Keeping Your Clients Longer-3 Steps by Brad Sugars

Keeping Your Clients Longer-3 Steps by Brad Sugars
It is a known fact that it costs six times more to gain a new customer. In such a scenario, it becomes critical to keep your customers coming back so you get repeat business – over and over again. To learn more, keep reading this post by Brad […]

Keep Your Customers Coming Back by Brad Sugars

Keep Your Customers Coming Back by Brad Sugars
I talked last month about the importance of ensuring you boost your conversion rate for the leads that you generate, because each of these leads costs you money and you need to ensure you get a good return on that investment. To learn more, keep reading this post […]

ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm, was established and founded in Brisbane, Australia by Brad Sugars in 1993 when the concept of business coaching was still in its infancy. Since franchising the company in 1997, ActionCOACH has grown to more than 1000 business coaching franchises operating in 73 countries. ActionCOACH specializes in coaching small to medium sized businesses as well as executive teams and group coaching. ActionCOACH maintains its growth and strategic alliances by continual development of cutting-edge innovative technology, proven business processes and systems to add value, satisfaction and additional income streams for its franchisees.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

We all know the economy is slow, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to improve in the near future. When you hear this what should you do, fold up shop or take action? I say grab your current data base and let them know you care, they need you and you want/need […]

Retaining Clients and Thriving in Tough Times

How good a job does your organization do retaining clients, especially in tough economic times?

Since it’s six times easier (and less expensive) to keep an existing client than it is to acquire a new one, this strategy is worth your attention. Well, I had a conversation with a successful business owner that provided some […]

A Raving Fans Game Plan

Much has been written in recent years about the WOW factor, that unique aspect of certain businesses with service that overwhelmingly surprises customers by continually exceeding their expectations.

How the ActionCOACH Ladder of Loyalty moves Prospects to Raving Fans A Raving FansGame Plan So how is WOW achieved?

Like most winning strategies, it begins with fundamentals, […]

How to Craft a Raving Fan Strategy

If you have read my article on the Customer Ladder of Loyalty, you know the ladder starts with Suspects and peaks at Raving Fans – one of your business’ most valuable assets. Imagine what your business would be like if you had 500 Raving Fans on the street?

Better than sales people in one respect, […]

How to Develop the Ideal Customer Experience by Brad Sugars

How to Develop the Ideal Customer Experience by Brad Sugars
In Brad Sugars book, “Instant Cashflow,” he comments that he would rather have 1% of 100 people’s income than 100% of his own.

What does he mean? Let’s take a closer look (I’ll be using more of Brads comments from “Instant Cashflow” as I go).

How many people […]