Market Analysis: How Your Competitor is Getting Ahead

Market Analysis: How Your Competitor is Getting Ahead
Every business has its competitors. And while market analysis isn’t necessarily a new practice, today’s key players are constantly hunting for ways to fine-tune their intel. The kicker is, instead of turning to who you’re competing with, you should be focusing on who you’re competing for.
As a […]

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6 Reasons Why a Franchise Model is the Best Business Model

6 Reasons Why a Franchise Model is the Best Business Model
Do you know a franchise opens every morning while you have breakfast before leaving for your job?
According to Franchise Consultants, Inc., a new franchise business launches every eight minutes of every business day. More entrepreneurs are becoming more attracted to the franchise model.

The coffee you […]

Goal Setting is SMART Business

Goal Setting is SMART Business
Goal setting is as important in personal life as it is in business.
The most common denominator in all the self-help literature and books is the importance of goal setting. We’re told to set long-term goals, short-term goals, lifetime goals and personal goals.

The benefits of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results orientated, Time-framed […]

The True Measure of Marketing Success

I’m often asked about the keys to successful marketing, and people are almost always surprised by my answer.  What they expect to hear is that the key is “branding” or having a “witty catch phrase”.  In reality, the answer is much simpler than all that. It’s called testing and measuring. Most people hate it. […]

Getting in The Zone

Whether you own a business or work for someone who does, you have probably experienced the “never enough time” phenomenon.  When I worked in the software development world, the saying was always that there was never enough time to do it right, but always plenty of time to go back and fix it later.  […]

The Bullpen Concept for Your Hiring

One of the biggest challenges that any business owner has is hiring the right people for the job.  That can be compounded when an employee leaves without any notice.  The business owner then goes into scramble mode trying to hire a “Warm Body” to fill the vacuum left by the departing employee.  Many times […]

Doing The Impossible

How to develop your self-belief so that you can accomplish anything
What impossible thing are you going to do today? Maybe it’s making that 5 or 6 figure sale. Perhaps it’s developing a new marketing campaign. Could it be that one extra cold call for the day. Perhaps its having a challenging conversation with an […]

Strategic Management and Leadership – The Baton Needs to be Passed on to the right People – Part 2

In the previous blog, we talked about succession planning and its importance for organizations. In this blog, we are going to talk more about strategic management and leadership development and steps that need to be taken to help your organization get started.

To design a powerful succession plan, organizations need to carefully determine the most […]

What’s Your Why?

When I hit the three year mark in my own business, I did what many business owners and entrepreneurs do, I hit a wall.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to find my way around it, over it, or through it.  It wasn’t my sales or marketing skills, it wasn’t the delivery […]

Arrogance and Incompetence – The Deadly Elixir of Poor Performance

The Peter Principle tells us that a person will rise to their level of incompetence.  This may be true in all sorts of endeavors.  However most individuals when they reach this level will willingly ask for assistance or will be demoted or terminated once it’s shown they cannot do the job.

The challenge for leaders […]