5 Networking Event Mistakes to Avoid

5 Networking Event Mistakes to Avoid
Most business professionals encounter networking events at some point in their career. Sometimes they run smoothly and other times they’re just plain awkward. Networking requires skill and is often time-consuming. Rather than giving up on it completely, though, our ActionCOACH team is here to help. Increase the value of these […]

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Stop All Prospecting Today!

How much time do you or your sales staff spend looking for new prospects rather than developing a stronger relationship with your best clients?

At this point I typically hear “I’ve already gotten my current clients to buy, it’s time to move on to the next prospect!”

OK, but how do you get that next prospect?

There’s […]

The Importance of Creating Great First Impressions

We often refer to the brain as having two hemispheres: the left, largely responsible for logic, and the right, predominately responsible for creativity. This description fits what we know to be the cortex or new brain; however, there is a third dimension, the hypo-thalamus or pre-historic brain, which is in fact the brain stem […]

How to Increase Motivation in The Workplace

If you want to increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, then it is essential that the staff should be motivated towards achieving the goals. Any organization which has a focus to achieve certain aims needs to take its employees onboard, so that everyone works in a certain direction, committed towards achieving a […]