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At 1Direction, Inc. and ActionCOACH company we are focused on you and the success of your business. We are passionate about helping you achieve your business goals. Our programs range from one-one-one coaching to group coaching and the education and resources you need to take your company to the next level. 
We would like to extend the offer of a free coaching session to educate you more about what coaching is and how we can help you. Contact Brian Alquist at or by phone at 855-905-8634 for more information. 

Product Portfolio 


BusinessALIGNMENT: a deep, probing and stimulating assessment designed to define business owner('s) goals and what they want to achieve in life
BusinessVALUATION: a financial assessment of current market valuation of a business including a presentation of strategic options to optimize its value in the future
AssessmentsONLINE: Program participants will gain understanding into people' learning and behavioral styles and the underlying motivators in those styles... 


GrowthCLUB: a 90-day action plan derived from goal and strategy setting in a group setting that provides a clear understanding of what's needed to drive the business forward
ActionCLUB: A 6-month (every 3 weeks) group-coaching program of designed to help business owners and/or their managing teams build better businesses with the ultimate objective of increasing revenue and profit levels.
BusinessRICH: an intensive 2-day workshop designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of business owners and management teams so that they can improve their businesses and make more money doing it 
PlanningCLUB: a comprehensive business planning program that connects business owners and guides them through planning process simply, efficiently and effortlessly


MentorCLUB: an affordable way for business owners to focus on their specific business objectives while gaining access to professional coaching services in a group setting
ActionCOACH: our signature 1-on-1 program for business owners and/or their management teams which is oriented to increasing revenues and profits and highly customized to the needs of individuals 


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