Margie Orth (GM at Securi-Com Inc.) 


Brian has been instrumental in helping me get our business to the next level. He is an absolute wealth of business knowledge! His guidance and advice have helped me immensely in overcoming challenges that I've faced while growing our company. 


Jason Henkel (President/CEO at Focus to Evolve LLC)


Brian, together with the ActionCOACH approach, tools and processes have brought a new-found balance and deliberate path forward for my business.  In fact, I even say that before Brian, I really didn't even have a business... I just had 'work'.   He is my balance wheel and trusted coach in areas where I'm not strong.  We don't always see eye-to-eye, but that is the point to ensure our decisions are looked at from many angles- including the ones that I'm not comfortable with or might not have experience with.  My business now gets his decades of leadership experience in addition to my thoughts and ideas.  Can one ever put a price on that?  If you are tired of just 'working' your business and ready to 'own' your business with options, then I recommend without reservation Brian and ActionCOACH.


Karen Becker (co-Owner at Becker Signs Inc.)


Every small business owner faces the same dilemma: finding the time and the way to work ON the business instead of IN the business.  As our coach, Brian Alquist helps us focus ON the business by leading us to discover small steps that can make big differences and by nurturing in us the mindset required for taking those steps and building upon them. 


Lucy Fanger (President/CEO at OnTechnology Inc.) 


Brian has been a vital resource to my business.  We started working together 18 months ago and during that time he has helped me to take actions that maximize business results. He takes an active interest in me and my business by sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge.  He always leaves me with helpful insights and ideas and keeps the business on track for success.  I am fortunate to have him as my coach.


Terese McGroarty (Sole Proprietor at Frannet)


Brian has helped change my mindset, improved my approach to marketing and helped develop a personal system of accountable to achieve my goals. I am thankful for all I have learned and have seen incredible results in my business after only one year.  It is important to take the time away from business to focus on goals and personal learning and development to manage your business. Brian has helped me with all of this.


Brian Alquist
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Ohio, 44141
United States
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