World’s Best Business Coach

Welcome to the “World’s Best Business Coach Interviews with Brad Sugars”. These interviews will explore the reasons “why” our own coaches got involved with ActionCOACH and the road it took them to get there.  Coaches highlight some of their favorite strategies and clients for getting positive results in business.

Listen to these interviews today to discover why having an ActionCOACH Business Coach on your team, will give you the tools to winning in the business world.

Week of  July 24th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Paul Henshall, located in Bendigo, VIC – Australia


Paul Henshall has been an ActionCOACH for the past 12 years and with a solid business background under his belt, he has helped hundreds of clients exceed their own expectations building up thriving businesses. Paul prides himself on his ability to connect with his clients on each level of their business because he has first hand experience and ActionCOACH strategies to back him up. “If you can’t sell what you do, you can’t do what you do,” Paul explains when he talks about his excitement for teaching sales. He also adds that you will have both good and challenging times, the outcome of the challenge is what makes you prevail.

Week of  July 17th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Earl Kemper located in Topeka, Kansas – United States


Earl Kemper was working in finance when he decided he wanted to be an ActionCOACH. Years ago the business coaching industry was non-existent. Earl had what he calls, a mentor, and that’s what inspired him and pushed him to make a difference in his own business. Earl believes that no matter how small or large your business is, there is always room for growth and explains how he helps his clients take their business to the next level. He always notices people working IN their business instead of working ON their business. He has a passion for his clients to succeed, so he knows how to ask the right questions to where his clients find their own answers and solutions to their problems. Earl informs potential clients how to get the most from their coach and mentions how important it is to commit to change.

Week of  July 10th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Dan Zimanski located in New Orleans, Louisiana – United States


Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, Dan Zimanski was the National Sales Manager at ORG Corporation. After the company relocated and Dan was unable to move, he looked into other options and decided ActionCOACH was the best fit for his next career choice. Most of Dan’s life he’s been a born leader and coach to others. So these seven years with ActionCAOCH hasn’t even felt like work to Dan. Like many coaches, Dan values the ActionCOACH community and the connection he’s able to have with all of the other coaches around the world. Dan’s favorite thing about being an ActionCOACH is being able to get his clients excited about their business and finding the purpose of their “why” all over again. Dan heavily teaches our “above and below the line” strategy and is always asking his clients all the right questions to get to the “root cause” preventing their business from growth.

Week of  July 3rd, 2015 features ActionCOACH Andy Camfield located in Eastbourne, East Sussex – United Kingdom


Before becoming an ActionCOACH Andy Canfield worked in the corporate world and later owned his own business. After seeing how impactful a business coach could be in the community, Andy decided to make his own destiny and success with ActionCOACH. He has spent his life before helping people so ActionCOACH was a perfect fit for him. Andy believes that if a client has passion and they let their passion lead them, they will always find ways to succeed. ActionCOACH has taught Andy how to ask all the right questions and challenges to his clients so that he can provide solutions to save and continual grow their business. His clients reach their goals because Andy is big on teaching his clients to look at obstacles “in a different light”.


Week of  June 26th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Barb Kyes located in Tampa Bay, Florida – United States


ActionCOACH Barb Kyes worked along side her husband, Ford, before they both decided to become ActionCOACH business coaches. Her family wanted to work in a business that would give back to the community and ActionCOACH stood out the most in their eyes. Barb, Ford and daughter Juliet have been helping businesses in the Tampa Bay community since 2007. In the past year, one of Barb’s clients has grown 500% – starting with 5 employees jumping to a whooping 30. Barb refers to herself as the “system queen” and adds that she cares more about your business than you do. Having an ActionCOACH gives you that extra support, helping you further develop your business and your personal life. Barb’s advice to others is, “have two ears.” Which she translates to… taking the time to listen to people, really listen.


Week of  June 19th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Chris Morrison located in Orange, NSW – Australia


Before becoming an ActionCOACH Chris Morrison studied at Sydney University and worked in Human Resources. Chris is known for being strong-minded and always telling his clients what they need to know. Although they don’t want to hear it there is always praise in the end. He gets excited about the push in a business environment, the constant strive to do better and get better while working through hardships with his clients and their teams. Chris really enjoys the planning aspects of being an ActionCOACH, “What results do you want?” “Why are you in business?” “What’s the business supposed to do?” Chris asks all the right questions and applies the answers to make guidelines for the clients to follow. He has passion and is passionate about creating momentum for all the ultimate outcomes. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Week of  June 12th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Ford Kyes located in Tampa Bay, Florida – United States


Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH Ford was the CEO of a 450 bed hospital, as time went his position became unavailable. Deciding to take his life in a different direction, Ford and his wife stumbled upon ActionCOACH and looked no further. Since being an ActionCOACH his team has helped 70 companies from all different sides of the business world. Ford loves the fact that he can help businesses grow and build strong foundations. “Every team should engage each other, learn from each other and challenge each other,” which is something Ford strongly believes in. As of March 27th, Ford and his team released their book “OMG! WTF? What’s the Focus: A Guide for Building an Actionable Business Plan”, which has already reached #2 on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Week of  June 5th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Mark McNulty located in Louisville, Kentucky – United States


Mark McNulty was in the electronic industry for 20 years before decided to be an ActionCOACH, he was running a team and working on various projects and realized that he liked the “coaching” part of his job more than the job itself. Mark was eager to run his own show and have the flexibility he now obtains. He really enjoys working with clients that are hungry for more knowledge and getting them, “more time for life”. Mark asks, ” if you’re not getting the rewards of being a business owner, why’re you doing it?”

Week of  May 29th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Tom Palzewicz, located in Elm Grove, Wisconsin – United States


Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, Tom Palzewicz served in the Navy spending most of his time on nuclear submarines, from which he gathered a great context for systems. Following the Navy, he received a degree in accounting learning risk management and profitability analysis, which taught him to make things more understandable and actionable for other people. With that foundation in his career, it lead him to ActionCOACH. Tom enjoys working with people who are aware of the changes that need to be made but unaware of how to implement them into systems. Tom being that extra “oomph” in all of his clients businesses has gotten himself, and his clients farther than they ever imagined.

Week of  May 22nd, 2015 featuresActionCOACH Rueben Taylor, located in West Perth, Western Australia – Australia


Before realizing that business coaching was a career he’d be great at, Rueben started as an engineer and then became a business consultant. After attending a Brad Sugars’ seminar, Rueben was hooked and knew ActionCOACH’s vision and culture was where he wanted to be next. He’s been an ActionCOACH for 15 years, not only helping small businesses grow in success, but also feeling he’s received so much more from his clients in return. He owes his success to his consistency; implementing systems personally and with his clients. Rueben uses, “finding your Mt. Everest,” as a motto to his clients. Working towards your largest goal, he helps them reach it by using strategies and fundamentals of their business while also celebrating the small wins.

Week of  May 15th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Allison Dunn located in Meridian, Idaho 


From growing up in a family business, managing an architectural firm for 8 years, and being owner of an engineering firm for 10 years, ActionCOACH Allison Dunn is well-rounded, and a very personable, passionate coach. Allison feels as if she becomes apart of each of her client’s teams and she love showing people the way. She is a big believer in constant implementation of acquired skills and strategies. “Don’t work harder, work smarter,” is something she lives by. Some of her favorite things she loves about being an ActionCOACH are, 1) Having a large community to be part of and 2) Having hundreds of business coaches and more information at just a touch of a finger. Anyone can reach out via email, social media groups or forums to ask a question. She is able to bond with her clients and other coaches all around the world.

Week of  May 8th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Mark Daniels located in Wanganui, New Zealand


Coach Mark Daniels gives you a humbled theme of gratitude in his Coach of the Week interview. Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Mark was part of public management for the city council, learning how to master his political people skills. Since joining ActionCOACH 12 years ago, Mark has had more client success stories than he can count. He feels that hard work trumps natural ability and that once you start with an attitude of doing the right by other people, all good things will follow. As a coach, Mark takes pride in helping his clients increase wealth and create jobs for their employees using our systems. Mark says one of his favorite things about ActionCOACH is that no matter what time it is or what part of the world he’s in, if he ever has a question about something he always has someone within the organization to go to who has the answer.

Week of  May 1st, 2015 features ActionCOACH Crystal Shanks in San Francisco, CA


Coming from being the VP of an accounting department and going above and beyond in her position Crystal Shanks, an ActionCOACH in Northern California has been with us for 7 years. She decided to become and stay an ActionCOACH because of the systems we hold, the strategies we use and mostly, the tangible results. Potential clients are always worried that if they make the decision to get a coach, they’re admitting defeat which Crystal explains is untrue. Getting a business coach isn’t admitting defeat, it’s preparing themselves to test their limits and succeed. Brad also adds, “every great team had a great coach,” and that’s exactly what Crystal has come to be. Being an ActionCOACH isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Week of April 20th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Kent Boehm in Alberta, Canada


Graduating with a business degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Kent worked in the business field for 14 years. Kent joined the ActionCOACH team for the company’s credibility, and has been an ActionCOACH for 9 years now. “We’re the best in the world, not perfect but the best,” Kent says emphasizing the “we’re”. As a business owner being on your toes is the best place to be within all aspects of your business and having an ActionCOACH just makes it that much easier. Not only is Kent passionate about business coaching, but he has the skills to help his clients reach and succeed within their own businesses.

Week of April 13th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Charmian Campbell in Queensland, Australia 


Charmian was a business owner prior to becoming an ActionCOACH. Looking back, she knows that If she had worked with a business coach as someone from the outside looking in, it would have made her business life so much easier. Charmian’s desire to accomplish more for herself lead her to ActionCOACH. And to be an effective coach, Charmian believes that her clients must feel she has a personal understanding of who they are and what’s important to them in their business. Her clients notice that being a coach is not just a job for her, but that she puts her heart and soul into them achieving success. “This isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle,” she adds. For her, it’s all about what you can change for someone else; the client being happy with where they are and being ultimately stress free. Seeing and knowing that drives her as an ActionCOACH. “no one can believe in you more than yourself,” unless you have an ActionCOACH that is.

Week of April 6th, 2015 features ActionCOACH Greg Stonehocker in Alberta, Canada 


Before being apart of the ActionCOACH team, Greg had the makings of being a great coach, he was involved in international business and had a sports coaching background in high school volleyball. His strong interest to help others is what made the ActionCOACH franchise the right fit for him, “I love business and I love coaching, so what’s better than being an ActionCOACH?” Greg’s coaching techniques involve getting his clients to understand that, “If you grow yourself, then your business grows”. With this motto in mind, not only have his clients succeeded in business but also within their personal lives as well. What motivates Greg as an ActionCOACH? He says he feels great joy in watching his clients succeed. He’s a firm believer in these words by Jeffery Gitomer, “If I have to sell this, I care more about your business than you do.” Now that’s a tough coach.

Week of March 30, 2015 features ActionCOACH Brod Ivory in New South Wales, Australia


Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, Brod worked in retail management for 20 years. Based out of South Sydney, Brod has been an ActionCOACH for 8 years and is proud of his personal, one-on-one approach with his clients. Brod, a man of many trades, values being an ActionCOACH… not only for the resources he can share with his clients, but also because of the community of 1000 coaches worldwide he can tap into. He knows to be a good coach you must be empathetic to your clients, have a decent level of applicable knowledge, committed to learning and always willing to listen – understanding the needs of the clients is first and foremost.


Week of March 23, 2015 features ActionCOACH Dan Holstein in Ontario, Canada


During his 12 years as a business owner of a technology firm, Dan hired an ActionCOACH to grow his business. After 3 years working with his ActionCOACH, Dan had grown his business enough to sell it with a profit. Dan decided his next career move would be to help other business owners, and became an ActionCOACH.  Dan’s goals are not only to give his clients profits in their business, but to also grow their own personal goals and dreams as well.