Coaching For Sales Performance

Do you know what separates excellent sales leaders from average sales leaders? It’s the way they coach their team. Yes, it all comes down to sales coaching.

Sales talent is largely developed on the field –through coaching. Afterall, there are no formal degrees in the field of sales.

The reason most sales training programs fail to succeed is because there is a lack of coaching and reinforcement. And most sales managers fail to offer this type of sales coaching to their team. They end up becoming paper pushers, and reporting numbers becomes their top priority.

A startling number of sales managers have been promoted solely on the basis of being stellar representatives. Without management guidance these managers frequently think that coaching is all about telling team members what they need to do—and most of the time that consists of what they used to do. The best coaches work with their people to understand the current issues and jointly diagnose what is working and what is not as they develop an action plan to achieve sales objectives. They ask questions to help the seller frame the issues properly and provide constructive feedback regarding how to improve.

When it comes to sales coaching, there is no silver bullet. But intense focus and alignment coupled with the right kinds of conversations with representatives can make a dramatic difference in the output of your sales organization.

Begin by having your sales managers read Instant Sales by Brad Sugars