Crystal Shanks

2379 Bryant Street
San Francisco
CA 94110
United States
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(415) 902-2389

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Are You Ready To Achieve Extraordinary Success?

Here is your chance to work with the #1 Business Coaching Firm in the WORLD!

Crystal Shanks is a Certified Business and Executive Coach. Crystal works with business owners and executives who are serious about taking their business and career to an exceptional level. Crystal is a trusted advisor, who will teach you, guide you, hold you accountable and keep you on the path that will enable you to achieve sustainable success.

Crystal knows that the key to success in life and business is to have a burning passion to be the best that you can possibly be and to take massive action. She brings 10 years of sales, marketing, leadership, management, team-building, communication and product and business development experience crossing various industries. As your coach, she is committed to life-long learning and to be always working, “to be the best Coach that she can possibly be” so that she can teach you to be the best that you can be". Crystal measures her ultimate success on your success.

"To take it to the next level and to be your very best, you will have to change your habits, you will have to overcome your fears and you will have to have great discipline. As your Coach I will help you on this journey. Watch this short video so see what I mean." 


Everyone can benefit from a team of experts who provide them with guidance, help them achieve their goals and surpass objectives.
Athletes have trainers.
Academics have mentors.
Industry leaders have Boards of Directors.
Heads of State have Cabinets.

Whether you want to grow your business, take your executive status to the next level or get your team aligned.... call Crystal.

Her passion is providing global-class business/executive coaching and training that will enable you to achieve your business and personal goals.  Her primary role as a coach is to help business owners/executives achieve “more with less” – by increasing their sales, profits, leadership training, team training and most importantly, helping them achieve their vision.


Take Action Now. If you change nothing, nothing will change.


Crystal Shanks is offering San Francisco Business Owners/Executives a Complimentary 60 Minute Business/Executive coaching session valued at $495.

This is a complimentary 60 minute business/executive consulting and coaching session.  Are you 100% committed to being the best and meeting your goals?  If so, don't waste another minute and schedule your complimentary business coaching session today as spaces are limited. Click here to get started now. 




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