Best in the World:  Welcome to the Pennsylvania team section! As the leader, I love to motivate for exceptional performance.
In fact, I and members of the Pennsylvania team won the following ActionCOACH honors recently:   
  • 2006 North American Master Licensee of the Year
  • 2006 North American Firm of the Year (Lancaster, PA)
  • 2006 North American Runner-Up Coach of the Year 
  • 2006 Nominee for Global Master Licensee of the Year
  • 2004 North American Master Licensee of the Year
  • 2004 Global Team Master Licensee of the Year
  • 2004 Global Coach of the Year   
In addition, my Pennsylvania team produced the U.S. Coach of the Year in 2002, 2003, and 2004.    
MY Message to YOU:   I am delighted you are investigating ActionCOACH and becoming a business coach with the Pennsylvania team. If you have entrepreneurial desire and aptitude, I want to teach you how to focus on business and personal success. I and my fellow coaching experts have helped many others achieve exceptional results. You may be a great candidate to join the Pennsylvania team. You may even be a future global coach of the year!    Your goals, values, and dreams matter.
Do you believe:   
  • That the quality of life depends on people and on the quality of the relationships we make with others?
  • That you have a wellspring of abundant success within you, just waiting for a better outlet?
  • That successful businesses can and should be conducted with the highest ethics?   
You can make an amazing difference in your own life and the lives of others. As a coach, you’ll enjoy reaching new levels of success personally and professionally. You’ll improve the returns you receive for your efforts. And you’ll learn how to help small and medium-sized business owners achieve the results they deserve for their exceptional efforts.      
ActionCOACH of Pennsylvania MISSION:    My team and I have created a mission that I hope resonates with you:   
To have a greater meaning and purpose than work and business; to participate in and contribute to a productive environment and fulfilled lives; to be focused and passionate about having a dramatic impact on the circumstances and lives we touch; to create ‘abundance networks’ and relationships; to take back the marketplace by operating on biblical principles and standards regarding integrity, morality, and fairness.     
What I Know:     When I began my association with ActionCOACH, I voluntarily shut the door on a six-figure salary, major bonuses, and stock options. The door I opened led me out of my comfort zone, but helped me fulfill lifelong dreams of being a successful business owner with purpose, meaning, and balance in my life. I now have the privilege of speaking to varied audiences on inspiration, motivation, leadership, risk and reward, and bringing more and deeper meaning into life.      
My Career History Highlights:    
  • Held progressive positions of corporate leadership during 23 years with two leading Fortune 500 companies, lived in Asia for five years and conducted business in 25 countries.
  • After surviving a corporate takeover in late 1990s, realized I wanted a more control of my own destiny.
  • Researched and determined that Australia-based ActionCOACH provided incredible opportunities and support for successful and ethical business growth.
  • Helped pioneer ActionCOACH in the U.S. by becoming Master Franchisee for Pennsylvania.
  • As most senior member between U.S. Master Franchisees, helped create and was elected first president of U.S. Master Franchisee Advisory Board.
  • Have consistently produced top performers among the 900+ global ActionCOACH coaching ranks. 
  • Have time for my family and my community.       
Consider for Yourself:  I am blessed to have been able to help others enjoy greater fulfillment in their lives. Being a business coach is a great challenge, but the rewards are likewise great. With the Pennsylvania team of ActionCOACH, you can make your dreams of success come true. You can take control of your own destiny and eliminate the uncertainty and risks staying in thecorporate world. Contact us to see whether you qualify to become an ActionCOACH business coach.   
Don Schin

Don Schin
20 South 36th Street
Camp Hill
Pennsylvania, 17011
United States
 (717) 975-0675
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