Don Schin

20 South 36th Street
Camp Hill
Pennsylvania 17011
United States
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(717) 975-0675


(717) 975-0679

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BusinessRICH 2-Day Workshop

Description :
2-Day BusinessRICH workshop focuses on key elements of applying ActionCOACH systems to your business for IMMEDIATE impact. For business owners with limited schedules, it is the perfect way to get a 'hands on' introduction to the ActionCOACH way of looking at business. You will discover new ways to work smarter so you can work less, while at the same time earning more. Learn more about the 74 Lead Generation strategies, the 82 strategies to increase conversion, 53 strategies to increase number of transactions, and a few other key areas of business as well.

Event date:08.14.2014;
Event Time :8:00am - 4:00pm

Event Venue:
Event Venue:
Location to be determined based on number of attendees

Contact :

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