Seems like an easy way to communicate with your tribe, doesn’t it?

Just throw together an electronic newsletter.

Who doesn’t like to get one more email every month?

While it can be tempting to just slap together a newsletter and email it out randomly, here are five questions to answer before launching that newsletter.

  1. Do you actually need to send one?

I know we coach that it is critical to stay in front of your customers on a minimum of a quarterly basis. We do NOT mean to aggressively throw offers and advertising in front of them that often.

If you feel like you can’t add any value to them, then a newsletter is not for you!

  1. Can you be informative? (Hint, the answer is yes)

Remember empathy? The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? The ability to think in a way that they think and not the way you would like them to think.

Use your empathy skills to consider, and then provide, information that will be of use to them. For example, if you’re a blog writer, you might share the top 10 tips for writing an effective blog. Do the research on the net to figure out what those ten things are and share them with your list.

The value may be as simple as curating those top 10 things from multiple sources so your readers don’t have to do it themselves.

Remember, time is something that once spent, can never be recovered. Save your tribe time and they will reward you!

  1. Can you keep it brief? says the average newsletter gets seen for 51 seconds.

I’m going to argue that. I would guess the average newsletter gets as much time as it takes to click delete…

To have the best chance to get yours read, think organization. Blocks and headlines are excellent ways to insert breaks between the articles or content sections.

That way, your newsletter becomes easier to scan and easy for the reader to choose which of the content is most applicable to them.

  1. Can you be reliable?

Nothing worse for readers than a randomly published, ineffective, and overly sales driven newsletter. Simply no value provided, and they’ll reward you with a quick tap of delete.

  1. Can you create interesting content?

Here’s the killer. If it is not possible for you to personally create worthy content, don’t.

There are experts all over the place in the writing environment. It may cost you a bit to have someone write your newsletter or blog, but if it gets it done, and is written in a way to create engagement leading — at some point — to sales, it may be worth the investment.

There you have 5 questions to answer before you embark on your e-newsletter. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point to decide if this tool is right for you and your business.

If your answer to any one of them is no, you may benefit from enlisting the services of a Virtual Assistant (our favorite is Rescue Desk in Madison!). These businesses specialize in helping business owners get the admin stuff done to keep their business running. So, you can continue to create your magic for your customers!

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