Seems like everybody is talking about social media and how important it is to be out there. And what’s not to love about it? It’s fast, easy, and might have a big reach if you happen to get one of those “viral” posts or stories.

But, the reality today is if you are not online, you better have a really specific target market who you can get talking about you, or your business is going to be dead.

Here are 5 ways to make the most out of social media.

  1. Be the authentic you

I see tons of posers, gurus, personalities, fakers, BSers, etc., etc., etc. in the online world. Some of them I happen to know and they are full of crap as far as their online presence. The people who are successfully mining social media have one secret weapon – authenticity.

Many of us are a bit, let’s say shy, about being ourselves out in the world. We think we need to look, act, talk, a certain way so we have some sort of perceived credibility. And it’s all bullshit.

Yes, I swear. A lot. Many people don’t like that and that is totally fine with me. The reality is that none of us is everything to everyone, and when I let the real me out, I started attracting clients. The ones I really love to work with.

I can’t stress this enough – be the authentic you. It’s the one thing we all do the very best.

(Want to see an awesome example of this? Check out the Facebook group Coffee With Dan run by @Dan Meredith. Definitely NSFW, but you’ll see an example of a person being his true self. The result? Oh, just around 7,000 fanatical followers. And I’m one of them!)

  1. Give value

People get stuck on this for some reason. If you really don’t think you have anything to offer, how about the Kardashians? Look, if someone can make a living out of figuring out how to live life in social media, anyone can figure out how to use social media.

What is it that you do in your business? If you’re a dog trainer, share some quick tips on getting your dog to follow orders (and we LOVE the folks at The Dog Den if you have a misbehaving mutt – er, I mean family member.) If you’re a dentist, share the latest news on keeping your teeth healthy. A landscaper? The top 10 perennials that flourish in the local area. You get it.

Word of advice though – make it short and lose the jargon! Else people will not pay any attention at all.

  1. Hire a copywriter

Social media takes time. And some level of writing skill. If this isn’t something you’ve ever practiced, you might want to hire a pro.

Just read a bunch of the stuff they’ve written for other people to see if they can pick up and interpret your “voice”. I don’t mean your actual voice. I mean the way that you talk and come across so people believe it’s you writing your posts.

  1. Be reliable

This was one of the factors for the newsletter post we wrote as well, but I can’t stress this enough. If you’re going to be out there on an infrequent, random basis, you may as well not play.

With one exception – if the authentic you is scattered, random and infrequent, or often gets pulled off in different directions, hey, still the top tip is to be the authentic you. So post whatever and whenever you’d like. Your customers know that about you already, and you’ll attract more people that love you for it!

  1. Pick your poisons – I mean platforms

Hey guess what? If you’re a dentist, is probably not the right social media platform for you. I mean it might be – if you have a really cool office and your USP is design for relaxation or something like that.

But if that’s not you, Houzz is probably not you either. So method number 5 for social media is to pick your platform(s) wisely. Where are your target market folks hanging out? That’s where you want to be also.

Those are our 5 favorite ways to make an impact on social media. There are a ton more, and as I mentioned, if you’re primary role is not social media marketing, it may very well be time to rely on an expert for this particular skill!


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