Seems like every person on the planet has a list of “best” interview questions to hire employees. Questions that range from the bland, “what are your top strengths?” to the bizarre “what animal are you most like and why?” Total crap.

One of our acquaintances, “Joe,” hired an admin assistant because Joe had been working 60-hour weeks for a long time and was burning out. I saw Joe for lunch, and asked him how the admin was working for him.

Joe gave several vague answers. Then I asked how many fewer hours Joe was working. You might have guessed, Joe was now paying an admin person 30 hours a week, and Joe was STILL working 60-hour weeks.

Turns out Joe hired the person because he was busy, and just assumed he would figure out what to do with this shiny new admin person once he was on board. Turns out things usually don’t work that particular way.

There’s a better way

Here’s a thought.

Before you think about what interview questions to ask prospective employees, how about deciding exactly what it is that you are hiring them to do?

Vague and unclear requirements for positions seem to plague the entrepreneurial world. They seem prevalent in the world of big business as well, for some unknown reason.

Well, I think we know the actual reason, which is laziness in the big business world. We can always throw in the catch-all line of “additional duties as assigned by your supervisor” and all will be well.

I’ve even seen salesperson job descriptions that don’t reference hitting their sales quotas! Think about that — “I’m hiring you to sell, but I’m not going to tell you what and how much to sell.” Hmm, what could possibly go wrong there?

What to ask before interviewing

So here are 7 things to ask yourself before you worry about what to ask your interview candidates:

  1. Which tasks exactly will this person perform?
  2. How exactly (measurably) will I define success for this role?
  3. What is the timeline to get this role up to speed?
  4. How will I onboard and train this new person?
  5. What tools will I give them to accomplish what I want them to accomplish?
  6. What DiSC profile fits best to the tasks this role needs to perform?
  7. Do I even have a clear enough understanding of what they will do to need a person?

Once you have gotten clear on what you’re hiring them for, then the DiSC profile can be created, specific interview questions about your exact job can be created, and you’ll have a fighting chance to get the right person in that role.

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