Six Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

Learn the rules for creating a positive work culture

Don’t be a jerk. Or be one consistently.*
Don’t hire jerks. Seriously.
Don’t keep jerks on your team.
Don’t have jerks as customers.
Don’t have jerks as suppliers.
Don’t let jerks make your rules.

I am amazed by the gibberish that is out in the world about how to create a positive […]

7 Questions to Ask BEFORE Interviewing Prospective Employees

Seems like every person on the planet has a list of “best” interview questions to hire employees. Questions that range from the bland, “what are your top strengths?” to the bizarre “what animal are you most like and why?” Total crap.

One of our acquaintances, “Joe,” hired an admin assistant because Joe had been working […]

4 Books All Business Leaders Should Read

I’m running a session of Engage & Grow, our employee engagement program, and one of the tasks in the sessions is that each person shares a leadership lesson that has influenced them.

As the facilitator, I went first.  Which got me thinking about my top leadership book recommendation right now, and that book is Leaders […]

How to Develop Your Employees

The importance of employee development
“People are our most valuable assets.” – Pretty much every company in the world.

“We have to train ALL our people!?!?” – Pretty much all the executives of those companies.

Developing people is one of our favorite topics, of course.

You can find a ton of books, articles, video, blogs, etc., about the […]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Social Media Accounts

Seems like everybody is talking about social media and how important it is to be out there. And what’s not to love about it? It’s fast, easy, and might have a big reach if you happen to get one of those “viral” posts or stories.

But, the reality today is if you are not online, […]

5 Questions to Answer BEFORE Writing an E-Newsletter

Seems like an easy way to communicate with your tribe, doesn’t it?

Just throw together an electronic newsletter.

Who doesn’t like to get one more email every month?

While it can be tempting to just slap together a newsletter and email it out randomly, here are five questions to answer before launching that newsletter.

Do you actually need […]

Why Hard-Earned Procrastination Isn’t Actually a Problem

“Stop being so lazy!”

Ever said that to yourself? Most business owners are type A personalities who don’t know how to cut themselves a break. They push themselves beyond the point of burnout and straight into the place no entrepreneur wants to go:

The blank space.

You know, that feeling you get when a report is due […]

How to Help Your Employee Stop Talking Too Much

“I have this one guy who works for me—he never shuts up. Like yesterday, he had a 15 minute conversation with the UPS delivery person!”

If we don’t work with someone who talks too much, we can easily think of someone who fits the description. Not only are these people exhausting to listen to, they […]

11 Characteristics of Fake Entrepreneurs that You Need to Avoid

Everyone and their cousin are calling themselves entrepreneurs these days if they possess even one of the many characteristics. While it’s great to see this rise of motivated thinkers and creators, some entrepreneurs lean too far on the “thinker” side and not nearly far enough on the “creator” side.
And believe us when we say […]

6 Traits of Legitimately Successful Serial Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are driven by excitement and passion but also strategy. If you aren’t detail-oriented, you won’t last; if you struggled with taking on daily to-do’s, you’ll need to ramp up your game. Serial entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.
6 Characteristics of Serial Entrepreneurs:
#1 Little interest in titles or recognition
These business owners have […]