“I had been in business for just 18 months and found myself working 100 hours! My phone was ringing non-stop and everything about the business, all the decisions, came to me. Since ActionCOACH came on board, sales turnover has increased by an amazing 148%! I now work a regular 40 hour week and have complete confidence I could take next week off at the drop of a hat and the business would run without me. ActionCOACH has taken my business to new levels even allowing me to start a new business”


Joshua Nicholls


“The growth of the business was slow and frustrating. It didn’t matter how hard I worked, the results were not in proportion to my efforts. I was doing a lot of work I didn’t enjoy and the team was not operating effectively. Since I’ve been with ActionCOACH, I am more focused on the business and have clarity about exactly where I want to take it. I’ve hired two new team members, reduced my working hours by up to 30%, and there is now a renewed energy in the business and more excitement about achieving our goals”


Steve Laughton


“… [Eric’s] impact will be felt well into the future. I would like you to join me in thanking Mr. Linzey for his contribution to VITEMA; especially within the Grants Management Division, where his guidance was timely and greatly appreciated. We shall continue to follow the course that he has helped to create within the Agency” 


Brigadier General Elton Lewis

Director Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency / Homeland Security Advisor


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