What an executive coach can do for you?

Executive coaching is hot. An executive coach can help you get rid of the blinders that hinder your success. Once considered a stigma, today executive coaching is a status symbol –you get to hire an executive coach because you are so valuable to the company. Clients keep coming back, because executive coaching works.
Executive coaching is a two-way road.

For executive coaching to work, both the organization as well as the executive should be supportive of and committed to the process.

Executive coaching is not an end in itself.

While an executive coach has the potential of transforming you, don’t go after it for the wrong reasons.

An executive coach will be able to really help you if you know where you want to be, but are not sure how to get there.

According to Marshall Goldsmith, executives should seek an executive coach when they are aware of the key behaviors that will make the biggest positive change in their leadership abilities.