Executive coaching takes many forms in the workplace. Here are some common areas executive coaching in which executive coaching is used.

Executive coaching for skills development:

Here executive coaching helps the executive learn specific skills, over a period of time, which help them become more effective and productive. This type of coaching is typically used to help transition an executive for a new role.

Executive coaching for performance

Here the focus is focuses on equipping the executive to become more effective in his or her current role. Typically, this type of coaching works on leadership competencies, like communicating and engaging a team, delegation,etc.

Executive coaching for development

In this type of coaching, the idea is to enhance and boost the core competencies and qualities to prepare the executive for his or her next role.

Executive coaching based on the executive’s requirements:

Here the executive develops the agenda mostly on a specific personal or organizational concern he or she may have. This type of coaching helps executives focus on issues of concern, such as downsizing, managing and leading change, etc.