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5 Ways Calculator (Profit)

Please enter numbers only!

You can use this calculator a number of ways. Enter your “baseline” numbers and calculate your “baseline” profit. Then, increase each factor by just 10% and see the affect it has on the bottom-line.

Please fill in the variables below and click on "Show me my profit" to see your results!

This is the total number potential buyers a business has contacted – or that contacted the business – over the course of a year. Leads are also known as “potentials” or “prospects.”


This is the percentage of people that actually bought. If 10 people walk through a store and three people buy, that store’s conversion rate of 3 out of 10, or 30%, for that day.


This is the number of total customers, and is determined by multiplying the total number of leads by conversion rate.


This is the number of purchases the average customer will make over the course of a year. 


This is the average amount per sale – estimated over the course of a year.


This is the total amount of overall sales for a business.


This is the profit percentage of each and every sale. Simply put, if a business sells something for $100, and profit was $25, the profit margin is 25%.

To truly see the value of multiplying factors, increase each by 20% or 30% to see how profits really can soar!


Taken from page 82 of The Business Coach by Bradley J. Sugars

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