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17 Reasons to Join

There are many reasons why more than 1,000 people have chosen to enhance their lives by becoming ActionCOACH franchise partners.

We have compiled a list of the 17 most common reasons for making the decision to join the world’s #1 business coaching franchise.

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Take our test to see how you qualify as a franchise partner on the Heartland Team. Joining ActionCOACH allows you to use your business knowledge to run your own coaching practice and helps you grow other businesses in your community.


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FEAR: False Expectation Appearing Real

As a business coach, I have heard every question, concern, and problem a business owner could face. So, I have started writing a series of articles that incorporate my experiences with my clients, who I have rolled into a fictional character named Bubba. I have dubbed these the “Bubba Tales.” It seems that Bubba had a problem. The fellow he’d hired to help him out just wasn't up to snuff. He told us about everything that was going on and we all agreed that it sounded like he’d got a bum steer this time. But, in my mind at least, the bum employee wasn't Bubba’s biggest problem…