Become a Franchise Partner or a Business Coach

ActionCOACH FIRM Partner

This is the premier level of investment we offer, which is the ability to operate as an area developer for a designated market within the Heartland territory. A Firm Partner is granted the right to add up to 15 business coaches in their firm, all who are involved in providing business development and client coaching services.  As a Firm Partner, the primary office is located in a designated and defined market. Generally, the Firm Partner provides limited coaching services and focuses on their leadership role within their Firm.

Initial investment level for a Firm starts at $300,000.

ActionCOACH Premium Partner

This “3-pack” license provides the opportunity to add two business coaches to your practice.  There are no additional license fees to add coaches, but you are required to invest in our 5-day certification training for each coach you bring into your practice.  Additionally, other investments for your coaches include a Master Coach and other support services.  This license is powerful because, with three coaches working in alignment, you can strategically grow the practice to accomplish excellent growth.

Initial investment for a Premium starts at $99,500.

ActionCOACH Practice Partner

This “single coach” business model offers both a solid business and a great work-from-home lifestyle with a lower overhead. It provides an opportunity for those with an executive leadership or business ownership background to directly transfer the skills they have developed over their careers into a business opportunity where the value they provide to their clients is amplified by the ActionCOACH tools and systems.

Initial investment for a Practice starts at $69,500.

ActionCOACH Pro Partner

The Pro License is our “expansion license.”  It offers a lower entry fee and provides access to the ActionCOACH franchise programs and you are certified within the ActionCOACH model.  The Pro license has a lower one-time upfront licensing fee with a higher ongoing royalty fee.  This is a great alternative model for people to start as a franchise partner who has limited access to funding capital.

Initial investment for a Pro starts at $40,000.

ActionCOACH Business Coach

We offer a non-ownership option for people who want to become an ActionCOACH business coach but do not have the desire or ability to be a franchise partner.  You operate within the practice of a current franchise partner in a designated market area.  With this opportunity, you typically invest in your own training and then have a revenue share agreement with your franchise partner.

Initial investment for a Business Coach starts at $15,000.