Become a Franchise Partner or a Business Coach

FIRM Partner

This is the premier level of investment we offer, which is the ability to operate as an area developer for a designated and protected market within the Heartland territory. A Firm Partner can add up to 15 business coaches in their firm, all who are involved in providing business development and client coaching services.  As a Firm Partner, the primary office is located in a designated and defined market. Generally, the Firm Partner provides limited coaching services with a focus on their leadership role within their Firm.

Premium Partner

This is our “team builder” model where you have the opportunity to add two business coaches to your practice.  There are no additional license fees to add coaches, but you are required to send each coach to our 5-day certification training, which does require a nominal investment.  Additionally, other investments to consider include hiring a Master Coach and in providing other training and support services.  This license is powerful because, with three coaches working in alignment, you can strategically grow the practice to accomplish excellent growth, PLUS you can expand this license to add additional coaches and to move into a protected and designated Firm mode.

Practice Partner

This “single coach” business model offers both a solid business and a great work-from-home lifestyle with a lower overhead. It provides an opportunity for those with an executive leadership or business ownership background to directly transfer the skills they have developed over their careers into a business opportunity where the value they provide to their clients is amplified by the ActionCOACH tools and systems.

Pro Partner

This is also a “single coach” license with a lower entry fee.  You are provided full access to the ActionCOACH client programs and are certified within the ActionCOACH model.  The Pro license has a lower one-time upfront licensing fee with a higher ongoing royalty fee.  This is a great alternative model for people to start as a franchise partner with limited access to funding capital.

Business Coach

We offer a non-ownership option for people who want to become a certified ActionCOACH business coach but do not have the desire or ability to be a franchise partner.  You operate within the practice of a current franchise partner in a designated market area.  With this opportunity, you typically invest in your own training and then have a revenue share agreement with your franchise partner.