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3 Marryat Square
London SW6 6UA
United Kingdom
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+44 (0)20 7381 2456

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Our current workshops are listed below. Be sure and check our events page to check the schedule and to register for those that are of interest.

GrowthCLUB - 90-Day Planning Workshop

We all know that every business SHOULD have a 90-day plan but somehow there never is the time to create or update your plan. Only 3% of the businesses in the US have written business plans - and yet those 3% control over 90% of the wealth in the US!

GrowthCLUB is your chance to step out of the business and get focused. We'll work with you to map out a winning game plan for the next 90 days. Plus with proven strategies and expert training, you and your team will get back to your business with clear direction and new tools to achieve your goals faster.

Learn the proven strategies business owners have used in the last 90 days to increase profits, build winning teams and work fewer hours. Listen hard. Take notes. Then adapt & adopt to get them working for you.

GrowthCLUB creates Massive Results. You'll leave with:
* Energy, vision and focus for the next 90 days in your business.
* Take home strategies to build your profits right away.
* A ready-to-implement 90-day plan.
* Powerful confidence, leadership and decision making skills to take you and your business even further.

Please contact us to learn more about GrowthCLUB

or check out our events to register for a GrowthCLUB


THRIVE - don't just Survive!

Create a THRIVING business, not merely a surviving business. One that grows 25% per year and makes money even when you are not working. In this highly interactive workshop you'll receive a personalized report on how your business compares to leading firms in your industry with specific suggestions on areas of improvement. Then you'll learn a step by step process for building a thriving business - one that can produce income without YOU having to be at work.

Topics include:

* What 5 areas you can work on, that will increase your profit.
* Creating a business that makes money when you are not there.
* How to gain control of your time, team and money.
* How to turn your marketing into an investment, not an expense.
* How to multiply your customers, revenue and profits explosively.
* Creating raving fans through exceptional customer service.
* How to recruit, motivate and retain a Winning Team of employees.

Please contact us to learn more about THRIVE or check out our events to register for a THRIVE event.

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