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5781 S. Fort Apache Road
Las Vegas
Nevada 89148
United States


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What is a Coach

The traditional business is normally started by a technician.  This is an individual who is working for a boss and thinks that if "I owned this business, it would run so much better...I'm working for an idiot"...and they stop working for an idiot and start working for a lunatic...themselves.   For a period of time the business grows but  eventually it plateaus.  Often this happens when the business is giving us what we need to survive.  Usually it is exactly what we have received as a wage at a previous job.  All of us have our own beliefs, values and identity.  When we combine this with a lack of knowledge and experience with regards to growing our business we consistently live in a state of frustration.  

Have you ever said to yourself that if you focused on accomplishing a specific task in your business on a consistent basis that you would achieve everything you have ever dreamed of for your business?  So you resolve to complete that task and move your business forward.  How often have you gone home at the end of the day and been frustrated with yourself for avoiding accomplishing the one thing that you had resolved to do?  Do you know why?  

A big part of the coaching is unquestionably constructing your awareness of buisness solutions, tactics, strategies and leadership skills, but when all is said and done, unless we probe into the way you think and what 'programmed' those beliefs and values, it is doubtful that you will take ACTION.   

This distinct philosophy, that I learned from my mentor, Steve Leach, is how 'coaching' differentiates itself from 'consulting'.  I am not going to mentor you based on my beliefs.  In order for our relationship to be successful it is mandatory that I work with you to find out where your passion exists, what your ideal life looks like and how we can leverage your strengths so you can achieve your ideal life as quickly and effectively as possible.  Implementing this as your foundation will allow me to guide you through what we refer to as an 'Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship' that allows you to realize your vision for creating a business that inspires you as opposed to a owning a business that you work in.  

At Action, we have a range of solutions to help business owners build their businesses...all the way from a book to a one-on-one coaching program with all sorts of workshops and other materials.  The most effective way to determine which program is suitable for your current needs is to sit down for a complimentary coaching session.  At this point I will ask you a bunch of questions so I can get a complete understanding of your business...where it has been...where it is now...and where you want to get it to.  All you have to do is send me an email or call me so we can schedule a time to speak about your business. 

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