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After 1 year of being coached by coach Jeremy, we decided that in order for the business to be more efficient and effective I must be much

more efficient and effective with my time.  The results were I went from working over 100 hours a week in the business down to approximately 30 hours a week in the business.  I was able to breathe again and regain the passion for my business that I had when we first started.  As a result we increased our revenue by 640% and significantly increased our cash flow and our profitability.   

After 2 years of working with coach Jeremy we are opening up another facility in Washington with plans to eventually expand internationally while continuing to increase revenue and profitability. 

T.M. - Rivendel Independent Living   

I began coaching with Jeremy Fairbanks and ActionCOACH at the 3rd quarter 2009 90 Day planning session called GrowthCLUB.  I continued forward by immediately enrolling in the weekly group coaching program called ProfitCLUB.  It has been 6 months since we have started and I'm blown away by the results. 

When we began coaching with Jeremy, we were losing money every month and had completely cut our staff back to myself and my husband.  In 2008 we had a net loss of $125,000 and in the first 6 months of 2009 our sales were down 80%.  With written goal setting and regular meetings, my husband and I were soon able to resolve issues that had caused conflict for years prior and enabled us to work on improving our financial situation.  By the end of 2009 we were running 3 plumbers and 1 HVAC tech.  We are now working on hiring office staff.

Six months ago I was not too hopeful about our situation and was honestly expecting the worst.  To be perfectly honest, I am very surprised at the accomplishments we've achieved and how easy it was to accomplish them.  What we did was just implement the system and follow it on a daily basis.  The surprise came at the 2010 first quarter planning session at Jeremy's office when I reviewed the notes from the prior planning sessions and realized that we did in fact achieve most of our goals.  We not only managed to stay in business but we realized a 10% profit even after paying ourselves a salary.  Even though our sales were down in 2009, we increased sales in the second half by 45% over the first half. 

I am so hopeful and confident that we can overcome the challenges ahead of us in growing our business and making it self-sufficient so that we can leave it alone and have it run itself with the help of Jeremy and ActionCOACH!  Thank you so much for being there for us.  Your passion and dedication to helping people and businesses is amazing!

M. G. - Plumberman Plumbing


The process by which you acquire something dramatically changes how you experience what you have acquired.

I believe this is so true to us who have dreams , aspirations, visions, hopes and goals that we desire to accomplish.  At times it can be overwhelming that you do not know which way to go or what to do.  

Those of us who have a passion to start a business have a secret that we want to share...but how do we do it?  We already know the reward; we already know the end results.  We know that once it all comes to fruition we will be complete.  But how, and what do we need to do?  This is the looming question that haunts us daily.  

I have to say, personally, my experience with my ActionCOACH, Jeremy Fairbanks, has been something I wish I would have had ten years ago and will forever be so grateful for.  There are no ways or words to express the relief, hope and motivation to continue the course.  

I understand that without the ability to draw on a dream for hope and inspiration you can be crushed by or deny your reality; which in business is very costly monetarily, physically and emotionally.  My reality was about 108 hours a week; no personal life, no time to spend with my children and myriads of mountains to overcome.  

With my business, I was in a state of hopelessness, doubt, completely overwhelmed and at the point of giving up.  This is not the place to be.  You should never wait until you get to this point.  Planned prevention has great value.  

In desperation I laid out everything I had to my ActionCOACH with what seemed so overwhelming and hopeless.  Oh, I so feared that there would be no answers or solutions to move forward.  To my surprise that was not the case.  As I have participated in the process, I have begun to see it all come together in a manner that is inspiring.  It brings life back to your business from a different angle.  It is very empowering when you have someone who listens, has the second eye and voice on the outside...a new perspective, suggestion, clear guidance and focus on what is important.  

You get to enjoy it and you have an unseen weight lifted so you are able to proceed and move forward with tangible results.  First, this has been the best investment I have made in this business and now it is the most valuable asset to my business and its development.  I have encountered a new perspective and I am empowered to continue.  The most wonderful thing is my son smiles at me when he comes home from school and we get to sit down and have dinner together.  

This is the greatest investment that you could ever take a chance on.  You will reap rewards and the process will be a wonderful experience.  You will see and feel the tangible results.  

T. M. - Rivendel Independent Living


Attending the 90 Day Planning session at ActionCOACH was a crucial component to my business plan.  Knowing that you need to set goals for your business, and doing it, are two very different things.  Jeremy Fairbanks helps define the necessary steps to achieving an actionable plan, and helps bring clarity to what is immediate and what is long term.  This workshop helps to provide the link between knowing you need a plan and designing a plan that can be executed and move your company forward.

V. D. - Pyramid Business Services


Best investment I've been able to make in myself in a long time.  Jeremy, thank you for giving me the tools that I can use to increase profitablity, build a predictable cash flow and differentiate myself from the competition.  

D. K. - High Sierra HypnoTherapy


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