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Looking for business help? Who isn’t! Unfortunately, not all business help is useful. Some business help can grow your company, but the wrong kind of business help can doom your organization to the trash heap.

It may seem that everyone around you wants to offer advice , but if you don’t know where to turn you could do serious harm to your business. ActionCOACH has been providing the best in business guidance, direction, tools, and accountability  to companies all over the world for almost 20 years, so if you’re looking for results, you’ve come to the right place.

ActionCOACH goes the extra mile to learn the challenges your company is facing and give you the  help you need to make changes.

ActionCOACH knows that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to coaching. With an individualized view of each business we work with, ActionCOACH is the world-wide leader in the business coaching field today.

Is your business looking for an advantage or just that little bit of an edge that can get you over the top? Contact ActionCOACH and get business help from the best today!


About Business Coach Ken Sevick


Ken has coached and trained business owners, CEO’s, and their teams in over 40 different industries. Has helped businesses ranging from professional services to manufacturing to retail realize double digit sales and profit growth in 12 months or less. Has successfully served as a change agent in revitalizing and reenergizing teams of people in sales, production, administration, and operations. Over 500 hours of formal training in the latest strategies, techniques, and tactics used in business. Over 9000 hours coaching in small and medium size business. Ranked as one of the top 100 Coaches Globally in 2008. 

As an Operations Executive for a major retailer, managed a $38 million dollar location. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of operational profit and loss as well as inventory. Saved company over $300K annually through strategic planning, expense management, and inventory control. As a Human Resources Executive, managed over 180 employees and was responsible for all aspects of hiring, firing, training, and maintaining management, sales, and support staff. Reduced annual turnover by 14%.

Ken has been a buyer for major retailer with responsibility of selection, distribution, sales, liquidation, and profitability of numerous apparel areas. Increased gross profit for areas of responsibility by $75k. Managed numerous hard line and soft areas ranging in volume from $1.5m to $21m in annual sales. Responsible for managing executives as well as front line teams.

Ken is married to his wife Kelli of 20 years and has 2 daughters, Tori and Taylor. He is an avid cyclist, guitar player, golfer, and gardener.  He is a consistent reader of books on business managment and leadership, marketing, theology, and spirituality.