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1st Floor Boyatt Wood District Centre
Hampshire SO50 4QP
United Kingdom


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02380 560833

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Coaching Testimonials  
"Having been working with ActionCOACH now for over 2 years, the improvements I see every day in my business are ever more apparent, and in particular the continuing growth shows the benefits of having a strategic vision, breaking it down into smaller goals which can be planned out, and then making sure you set some time aside every week to put those plans into ACTION.
There is no part of my company that hasn't been improved, and in particulr my team's adoption of the procedures we've implemented, the massive overhaul of our sales process from start to finish, and the ability to constantly monitor our progress and finances through our KPIs are the 3 areas that I think have been most helpful to the business.
Having owned the business for more than 10 years, I have no doubt that you have made more of an impact on the business than any other person or event, and I am sure that ITC would be doing even better had we met several years earlier.
I would certainly recommend any business owners who are aware they might be stuck in their ways or aproaching a bottleneck in their business to get in touch with you to see how you can help, and even if your business appears to be running perfectly I would be amazed if there wasn't an area for improvement that Kevin could identify, or a strategic alliance to be found that would help your business reach new heights."
Rupert Walmsley, ITC
28 November 2012
"Getting the business under control and doubling the profits is how Kevin has helped us at Hiltingbury Chirporactic to succeed over the past 90 days.  Quarterly planning meetings and Kevin's monthly 1:1s have enabled us to remain focused and achieve all our objectives and more.  With Kevin's support, we are looking forward to reaching our new goals for the next 90 days."
Vanessa Churchill, Hiltingbury Chiropractic
3 October 2012
"Kevin Stansfield has been coaching me through his 'Coaching for a Cause' programme for 2 years now.  Methodical and very experienced, he has conducted a detailed profiling appraisal of me which has accurately identified the areas most in need of development.  Charming, friendly, supportive but firm, he has then systematically helped me to become more conscious of the traits and behaviours that detract from any CEO's performance and then to work to overcome them. Keeping it simple is is a hallmark of Kevin's which is most effective at showing me, like any busy CEO, that the skills necessary to excel are not difficult to master. Work completed has included a systematic deconstruction and rebuilding of my role into a more efficient model, as well as the prioritisation of my work and mechanisms to delegate and monitor more effectively my subordinates' progress.
As a charity, the JST has gained enormously from Kevin's steady support.  Across various levels he has provided my team and my trustees with insights and tools which are essentially waypoints on the trust's journey to become a successful business with a charitable heart.  From helping trustees and me to optimise new management structures through to coaching for sales teams in how to maximise their success rate, Kevin has become a steadfast supporter of the JST and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to other organisations."
Alex Lochrane, Chief Executive, Jubilee Sailing Trust
July 2012
"During the last seven months Kevin has been coaching me through the start up of Limited.  With Kevin's guidance, I have a structured, constantly evolving business plan with tidy accounts and goals set for regular intervals.  I now have a clear view of what needs to be done for the business to progress and a wall full of statistics that show very clearly where the business is heading,  Nothing is left to chance.  Kevin's regular training and ProfitCLUB sessions are a great education as well as the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people.  I highly recommend that everyone owning a business should use Kevin's services."
Chris Suckling - Limited
July 2012

"Kevin is an inspirational coach and has enabled me to work on developing my business with confidence and enthusiasm as well as helping me to think laterally about my personal goals and aspirations.
The method Kevin teaches is clearly structured and I have found the learning resources, including the twice monthly Profit Club and the quarterly Planning Meetings, to be enormously motivating and valuable.
Thank you."
Vanessa Churchill, Hiltingbuty Chiropractic
September 2011

"This is just a little ‘thank you’ to Kevin Stansfield, ActionCOACH for all your help, advice and support over the last year. It has been an inspirational year for me and I have enjoyed the challenges and the changes.

So I would like to thank you again for all your help in achieving my goals and much more, as I would never have done it alone!

I wish you all the best in 2011

With kind regards"
Tracie Gooch, Southampton
Tracie's Latin Club - home of Salsa and Argentine Tango in Southampton
"Kevin is an exceptional business coach - and I largely attribute the successful growth of my company to him and the ActionCoach principles.  Every one of Kevin's suggestions that I have implemented in my business has proved a success - and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering the ActionCoach programme."
Andrew Brittain, Director
Advantec Internet Services Limited
"Kevin is utterly motivational as a consequence of forcing you to look candidly at your business and your role within it and helping you recognise the tools to effect change whilst realising the desire to do so."
Julian Dobson, Partner
Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons
January 2010

"Two personal tips I'm happy to pass to anyone:

1. If you're a serious, and successful, sportsman, then almost certainly you'll have a coach.  So it follows that if you're serious about your business, and aiming to succeed to the best of your potential, then you should get a business coach.
2.  I know many coaches.  With no disrespect to any of them, the best business coach I've ever met is Kevin Stansfield.  He helped me navigate the complex balance between life and work, over an exciting 18-month period.   So first step to the best decade of your life?  Run, don't walk, to the nearest phone and call Kevin before his dance card gets entirely filled."

Tim Roberts, Keytools
January 2010

“I have to say that I was, initially, quite hesitant about using a business coach at all. You know what it's like, you ask yourself the questions 'Why do I need a business coach?', 'How can I justify the cost?' and 'What can he teach me, anyway?'  I was fortunate. I met Kevin through BNI and so had the added advantage of meeting him from time to time in a different environment. After (eventually) taking advantage of his free coaching session, I decided to 'bite the bullet'. What a great move that turned out to be! Although, I'm quite passionate about personal development myself, Kevin's knowledge in this area is outstanding and his knowledge as a coach is, understandably, exceptional.  As time has gone by, my respect for Kevin has grown enormously and I have benefitted in many ways from using his services.  Most noticeably, it's now easy for me to consider the money I have spent with Kevin as being an investment (with a great return) and not a cost. You should do the same! I'd like to think that I've known him long enough, now, to call him a friend as well as a coach. Thanks for everything, Kevin. You're an absolute star!” 

Steve Bimpson
January 2010


 “I've known Kevin for several years, from his time as FD for a family business which grew into a multi million enterprise under Kevin's steerage to his becoming one of the most successful Action Business Coaches in the South. Always professional, he has a knack of getting the best out of people, even the most stubborn, and has never shied away from telling clients how it really is. The changes I've seen in the businesses he has worked with, and the business owners themselves, have been a constant source of motivation for me running my own business.” 

Katharine Rose, Proprietor
"Having hit the business ‘brick wall’, Kevin provided the focus and clarity we had been missing. Highly professional but totally flexible and adaptable in his approach, Kevin’s positive ‘can do’ attitude changed our negatives into positives, enabling us to concentrate on producing results. Totally inspirational and a brilliant support!"
Simon Orams, Sales and Marketing Manager

"In a nutshell, focus, it's so easy to let day to day distractions ruin your business. Kevin brings systems to disarray and practical strategies for tackling the seemingly impossible. With Kevin's help we're predicting 25% growth in 2009 during a recession!
All the best"

Richard Lucas, Managing Director 
Cordovan Digital
“After spending years fumbling in the dark, Kevin has switched on the light and shown me how to open the door. I wish I had started the coaching years ago and not wasted so much time”

Paul Martin, BHG Marine 

"Kevin Stansfield, through the ActionCoach formula, has bought to Detect Ltd a vision and road map to the medium and long term goals and aspirations, together with the implementation of the systems to achieve this.
The opportunity to view the business `from above’ rather than from the day to day with-in, has been the secret of taking an already successful business to new heights."
Chris Ellis, Director
Detect Fire & Security
"Despite the unprecedented trading conditions I find my order book full, my enthusiasm boundless, my out look positive, and that is entirely attributable to you, Thank you."

Nigel Olive-Jones, MOJ Engineering
"Dear Kevin,
I would like to extend my thanks to you for the excellent business coaching that you have been giving me.  Six months ago I was working 6 days a week up until 10 pm most nights.  The business was in no way being efficient and we had lost sight of our goals.
Thanks to your services and the ActionCOACH system, within just three months there has been a dramatic turnaround both of the use of our time and the decisions that we make.  I have now re-gained control of my life and finish work promptly at 5.30 pm, I manage to get a day off during the week and take weekends off whilst the business continues to work for us and make more money than it ever did before.
Most importantly of all though is my reading, I can honestly say that I have never read a book in my entire life, it's not that I can't it's just that I could never be bothered.  I was quite put off when I realised that reading would be involved in your courses but went in with an open mind.
The reading material that you gave me changed me, forever.  I found the literature extremely useful, invigorating and can honestly say that at the age of 29 the first ever book I read was how to make more money.  You have succeeded in finding great topics to motivate me and for this I am extremely grateful.  I have now read my second book and am working my way through my third; it appears as though there is no stopping me now.  
I have been and would be more than happy to recommend your excellent services and the value you have added to our business to anyone I meet.  For this I thank you dearly."
Gavin Naish, Director, G&K Lettings Ltd T/A Martin & Co, Southampton East
August 2009
"Using the services of Action Coach has been a major benefit to my business.  By working in partnership with business coach Kevin Stansfield, Swisher has been able to grow its business in an enjoyable as well as professional manner more assuredly than before.  We are delighted to have formed this working relationship and pleased we have established our association with Action International.  We value Kevin's advice and support which is always given willingly and not just on time but most often well within time.  Kevin and his team surpassed our expectations. " 

Christine Beard Managing Director, Swisher, Southampton.
(Note: Christine is now a very successful ActionCOACH herself, living and working in Sydney, Australia!)

"I have worked with Kevin for many years now and can throroughly recomend his services to anybody looking to take their business to the next level. 
Kevin's easy to understand and no nonsense approach is refreshing in this industry and he has always been totally commited, with a speed of response and professionalism that is second to none.
I look forward to working with him for many years to come."
Paul Reardon, Wilden UK Ltd
"I have (& still do) worked with Mr Stansfield for many years now, originally in my capacity as Senior Partner in a practice of Chartered Accountants, and subsequently, following "semi-retirement" in 1996, as a Consultant/Business Adviser/Trustee (in the case of the latter, Kevin serves alongside me as a fellow-trustee in certain cases).
 Consequently, one feels well-placed, on the basis of real experience, to applaud (quite apart from the what undoubted technical expertise as a Chartered Accountant) his:
  • Clarity of answers to questions
  • Confidence in making presentations
  • Speed of response
  • No nonsense approach
  • Ability to communicate in understandable language
  • Professionalism
  • Friendliness
  • Presentable personality." 
Mr D NW Shores FCA
"Kevin is reliable, realistic, responsible. A detail man who takes time to look at the whole picture and keeps a calm head in times of great harvest or famine."
Alan Frampton - Donaldsons Flowers Ltd

ProfitCLUB and GrowthCLUB Testimonials 

Dear Kevin,
I just wanted to thank you for the invaluable support and encouragement I have received by attending both Profit Club and the 90 day planning session.  These sessions have helped focus my mind and clarify my plan for my business over the next 3 months.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other businesses – large or small – I think they would all have something to gain!
Thanks again!
Kind regards
Sarah Fitzgerald            
Proprietor, In These Shoes

"I have just attended a 90 day planning workshop run by Kevin Stansfield and some of the other coaches at Action Coach. I found the day really useful as I am starting up my business. Although I have always worked for myself, I am looking at the bigger picture now of generating multiple streams of income, how to do this and other area's of business which I have not mastered before. Action Coach takes out the guess work and they have given me tried and tested formula's and strategies to achieve success. I know I will have easier journey because of this -!! I am looking forward to meeting up again in the new year to continue looking at where to go with my business and implementing the advice and knowledge gained from Kevin and Action coach."


Caroline Des-Rivieres

"Excellent presentation to help SMEs understand what behaviours are necessary to grow their business." 
Chris Whent, Murcia Villas La Manga
"Gives good focus and information on the importance of planning, measuring & marketing." 
Nicky Finlay, Virtual Time
"Gives you a lot to think about as to your personal goals, business goals and how you might achieve them." 
Mark Duddridge, Certax Accounting (Solent) Ltd
“Kevin is an expert in his field and has a genuine desire to share his knowledge for the benefit of others, whether they are business owners attending his excellent seminars or indeed his personal clients. I have attended a few of Kevin's seminars now, I always learn something new and come away feeling I have gained from the experience.”
Linda Ralph, January 2010 
"This note is to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave last week.
Your talk was informative, helpful and thoroughly worth attending.  I look forward to receiving invitations to further talks and seminars and learning more."
Yours sincerely
Chris Robinson - Communicating
"Kevin - thank you so much for a really inspiring and lucid explanation of the foundations of business finance. It was exactly what I needed, and I was particularly grateful for your patience in slowing down to my pace, holding back those grins (!!!) at my durr moments, and keeping the pace of the lesson moving. I'm really looking forwards to our next meeting. I always believe that the only people who can bring clarity to a subject are those who have mastered the topic - it was a real pleasure to benefit from yours."
Kind regards
Previn Karian - Resonance Practitioners Ltd

Seminar and Training Workshop Testimonials

"Incisive and informative. Some inspirational ideas & clear ways forward."  - Sue Courtney - Success & Image, June 2012
"It really helps you focus your mind."  - Andrew Browning - Fox Whitfield, June 2012
"Excellent food for thought."  - Nick Johnson- My Car Coach,  March 2012
"Focused, clear, relevant - something for everyone, whatever type of business they are in." - R Acland - Ex Ancasta Group
"A real eye-opener. Motivational." - Ryan, Watertight Legal, March 2012
"Very informative. The whole Seminar makes you think about where you are with your business and how you can improve it."
 - Jonathan Rees, Jonathan Rees Property Services

"Excellent! Very stimulating." - Frank Barnett - Barnett Associates
"I was so impressed with all the information. I wish I had been to a seminar before!"  - Annemarie Jones - New Forest Personnel
 "Re-focused my thoughts! It has re-inspired me to read more books and listen to general information on moving the business forward."
Kevin Stratford - Stratford and Stratford

"Excellent content and lots of ideas. Very keen to move forward with the ideas presented."  -
Keith Wilson Jnr - Balanced Solutions

"I have got so much out of today. I wouldn't even have minded if we had worked through lunch so that we could have had more time with you."  -
Rebecca Fordham - R.E.A.L. People Solutions
(Kevin) .. is knowledgeable and helpful without believing that he knows everything .. I have no hesitation in recommending his services."
Trevor Davis, Independent Insurance Consultant, May 201

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