For most business owners, there is never enough time to do all the things they need to do. Therefore, it is critical to use effective time management strategies to be successful in business.

Effective time management in business begins with setting clear goal, breaking them down into discrete steps, and reviewing progress regularly.

These steps then become a part of each day. How much time are you spending on activities that will actually help you accomplish your key goals?

With that in mind, your to-do-list for each day must have at least 80% of tasks that will help you accomplish your key objectives.

This list must be prepared at the end of each day for the next business day.

At ActionCOACH, we help our clients create a default diary system to manage time. This is one of the best ways to stay on track.

A default diary is a calendar where specific times in a week or even a month are dedicated to critical activities. In other words, it’s a plan of what you’ll do “by default” -or do when the week goes as planned.

For instance, you could dedicate one day to strategy / planning, and another for more admin type work. It is a great idea to block these times and print your ideal week so you can stay on track.

Click here to download a template and create your own default diary or typical (ideal) week.