Brad Sugars
Brad SugarsPresident, Chairman & Founder
Brad Sugars is the Founder, Chairman and President of ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm with more than 1,000 offices in 50 countries. Not only did he guide the company to new levels of growth over the past several years, he also set direction in terms of vision and strategy for ActionCOACH worldwide. He is also responsible for the company’s culture – enrolling and inspiring the entire ActionCOACH team to live and abide by our 14 Points of Culture, guidelines that help set ActionCOACH apart as a company and that truly make it the world’s leading business coaching firm.
Vic Ciuffetelli
Vic Ciuffetelli CEO
Vic oversees the worldwide growth and expansion of ActionCOACH and brings more than 21 years of experience within every aspect of the franchising and licensing industry. Vic’s wide range of experience and innate knowledge of franchising has allowed him to grow franchises to massive worldwide success on every continent in the world.

Ciuffetelli has always been passionate about ActionCOACH’s philosophy of helping business owners create better businesses. He knows firsthand that through education and the coaching process business owner’s gain insight that leads to impactful change in every area, including their personal and family lives. Living that philosophy has made leading the world’s number one business coaching firm a very fulfilling purpose.

In his personal time Vic likes to test his human potential and athletic abilities while rock climbing, hiking and adventure sports. A native of Australia, Vic says he enjoys America cuisine… especially the Ribs.

Angie Fairbanks
Angie Fairbanks Chief Operating Officer
Angie Fairbanks is the Chief Operating Officer for ActionCOACH. In her role, Angie provides leadership, management and the vision necessary to ensure proper operational controls, administration, reporting procedures and systems in place to effectively grow, maintain financial strength and efficiency.

Daily, Angie oversees communications for franchisees in 59 countries. Making sure they receive all global messages regarding business strategy, systems, changes and products. She also offers support to the area developers to support the franchisees, which ensures the overall success of ActionCOACH.

Angie is a natural athlete with a competitive nature, perfect skills for a leader who is always looking for ways to grow her business, her team and the people around her. She was 2-sport University Basketball and Softball player and is a 98% free throw shooter. .

Today Angie is married to her husband Jeremy and they raise her teenage son, another basketball player, Chaise. Angie gets very involved in her community, sitting on a number of boards and always searching for ways to help those around her.

Alejandro De Gyves
Alejandro De Gyves CEO, Joint Venture Partner, Mexico / Latin America
Alejandro is an experienced business builder and Business Coach, with a range of corporate experience in the areas of process engineering, plant operation and technology commercialization.

After a 25 year career in Grupo Alfa, and after managing projects in countries including India, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany and Venezuela, Alejandro teamed up with ActionCOACH in 2000, and won the Master Franchise award in 2002 and again in 2006.

In addition, helped develop a coaching networking Mexico’s major cities, comprised of more than 60 franchisees. In 2008, he decided to expand ActionCOACH to the whole of Latin America, and in just a few months, made a presence in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Costa Rica.

Alejandro’s mission as a businessman is to make every business (both his and his clients’) a constant wealth generator and that supports its community’s vision supported by the ActionCOACH model and its practices.

Tony Servidio
Tony ServidioChief Financial Officer
Tony oversees worldwide financial operations and brings more than 30 years of finance and operational experience to ActionCOACH.

Tony spent 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers where he serviced various clients ranging from emerging businesses to large public registrants.  He also held various senior finance positions ranging from venture capital backed start-ups to chief financial officer of a $350 million public registrant. This company grew from $20 million to $350 million in revenues during his 5-year tenure.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys sports, likes to play golf and spends as much time as possible with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Eveline Valle
Eveline ValleAccountants for USA, Canada and Caribbean
Eveline plays a pivotal role in the accounting department as she is responsible for receivables, payables, special show billing and state tax returns.

Originally from  Jakarta, Indonesia, Eveline previously headed finance and accounting at a property management firm with holdings throughout the Asia Pacific region. A graduate of Atmajaya Catholic University in Jakarta, she has made Las Vegas her home since May of 2007.

Although Eveline is a world traveler, she now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and daughter, Caroline.

Prageeth Babarandage
Prageeth BabarandageIT- Systems Administrator
Prageeth maintains ActionCOACH web solutions, servers, and related IT infrastructure. He also provides systems support to all the coaches around the world.

Prageeth brings over 10 years of extensive experience in software engineering to ActionCOACH. He earned his applied science in software application programming degree in Las Vegas and is a member of the National Technical Honor Society, USA (NTHS).

Originally from Sri Lanka, Prageeth has a passion for landscape photography. He also enjoys traveling.

Eve Fabros
Eve FabrosOnline Marketing Manager
Eve is the ‘go-to’ person for online marketing and lead generation at ActionCOACH. She manages online marketing programs related to ActionCOACH and Brad Sugars Profit Masters. She also spearheaded the launch of the Brad Sugar’s Business Academy.
Eve has held numerous marketing positions in the California hi-tech industry for more than 20 years and completed a 10 year telecommuting position with an online marketing company based in Colorado.

A graduate from the University of California Berkeley, Eve is definitely your left-brain marketer and loves numbers and systems. She moved from San Jose, California with her husband and two children in 2002 and is enjoying her life in the desert. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching hula.

Rosalie Borguilla
Rosalie BorguillaLegal Counsel
Rosalie is the ‘legal eagle’ who oversees all contracts and compliance matters for multiple business entities at ActionCOACH.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Rosalie was legal counsel for a technology company in Singapore that provides network management services for the global hospitality industry. She held similar corporate, legal and commercial legal management roles in the Philippines and Singapore for companies in the automotive and medical devices and consumables industry.

In her spare time, Rosalie loves to read. She also enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Dianna Aispuro
Dianna AispuroInternational Accountant
Dianna covers a wide range of critical international accounting functions. She creates monthly financials, budgets, conducts audits, handles accounts receivables and accounts payables. As our International Accounting Professional, Dianna works in 55 countries which span many roles including Q GST, VAT and taxation laws.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Dianna served as assistant controller and has 15 years in the accounting field. She studied business and accounting at CSN and is a quick self-study with a natural aptitude for finance.

In her free time, Dianna loves to spend time with her three children. She also loves to shop and cheer on her favorite sports team.

Scott HooperGraphic Designer
Scott Hooper is the mastermind behind the ActionCOACH brand standards guide. Scott’s current goals are to maintain the brand and identity of the website, marketing materials, videos and collateral as well as insure all designs are relevant, cutting edge and innovating with design trends.

Originally from Louisiana, Scott moved to Las Vegas in 2010 to pursue his career in the design field. He is a graduate of Southern Utah University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor degree in Engineering Technology. When not creating, he enjoys hunting, snowboarding, computer gaming and following mixed martial arts.

Loren Daniels
Loren DanielsMarketing Video/Film Production
Loren Daniels plays the ‘hunter’ role as he looks for innovative ways of reaching potential franchisees and coaching clients through franchise lead generation. He is responsible for providing a steady flow of highly qualified leads through various marketing activities and partnerships with lead generation sources. Loren also heads coordinates video production and editing for ActionCOACH.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Loren worked for a car dealership in Santa Barbara, California for two years, where he started off in sales, and was soon promoted to inventory assistant manager / social media and grassroots marketing. He has also worked in management and project management for other companies.

Loren brings with him a penchant for continuous learning and self education. Loren enjoys spoken word, rhythm and poetry (Rap). On of his latest obsession is electronic music production using a program known as Fruity Loops.

Walter Carey
Walter CareyTraining Coordinator & Accountability Coach
Walter Carey is the Training Coordinator & Accountability Coach for ActionCOACH. He is in charge of all the “behind the scenes” logistical planning that takes place for events such as the world renown Billionaire in Training Tour as well as the highly coveted Brad Sugar’s MasterCLASS. Prior to joining the Global Office, Walter spent 20 years serving active duty in the United States Air Force.

In his free time he enjoys volunteering in the local community, reading, traveling, working-out and anything to with the outdoors!

Tasha Robinson
Tasha RobinsonSales Relationship Manager & Global Events Coordinator
Tasha Robinson- White is the Sales Relationship Manager & Global Events Coordinator at ActionCOACH focusing on Brad Sugars MasterCLASS for Entrepreneurs. Tasha is a self- motivated producer with a comprehensive background in event management and public relations. Being an entrepreneur herself, she relates well with other entrepreneur and understands the value of setting goals and achieving them. Tasha recently self-published her personal memoir Right Hand to the CHAMP:13 Lessons that changed my life where she gives a surprisingly candid view of her life along with some valuable lessons.
Phanalai Lindner
Phanalai LindnerGlobal Office Paralegal
Phanalai is a Certified Paralegal providing support to our Legal Counsel.
Prior to joining ActionCOACH, she worked as a paralegal at law firms with over 10 years of experience in the legal field. She received her paralegal certification through University of Las Vegas in February, 2011.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, outdoor activities and watching sports.

Adam Frederick
Adam FrederickProgrammer
Adam is a long time programmer, starting with websites back in 1999. He enjoys debating and viewing grand architecture.

Elena Mikhailova
Elena MikhailovaMarketing Specialist
As a Marketing Specialist Elena works on various projects for ActionCOACH and ProfitPLUS. She writes marketing materials and creates reports for the CRM system. Elena previously worked internationally in marketing, PR, social media and education. Elena has a well-rounded education and studied in three different countries. As a result she has a Master of Arts degree in Communication and a Master’s in Education in addition to her Certificate in Tourism, Convention and Event Planning. Elena is a very ambitious professional who is passionate about Education and Public Speaking.

Being a professional educator, Elena taught courses in Journalism, Literature and Communications. She fluently speaks English, Polish and Russian languages. In her spare time Elena likes to travel and spend time outdoors hiking. She truly loves to cook and gets very creative in the kitchen focusing on healthy options. She is also passionate about fashion. So putting her professional career on aside she is a true fashionista who has been rocking runways internationally!