James Haaf     Vice President at Metro Bench


I have been working with Patrick for four months now and I have seen a great change in my business and even a greater change in my own personal growth in business for my company.


Tom Cruxon     Owner at Sherwood Tree Service

Since I began working with Patrick to improve my business I can honestly say that I have seen a faster rate of growth than if I were working alone. Patrick brings to the table a vast amount of experience and a patient seniority, and these qualities have proven invaluable to me in defining my business goals and subsequently taking the right actions week by week to achieve them. As long as there are business goals to be met Patrick is a facilitator of careful analysis, action and in turn business success.


Sara MacQueen     President of Big Fish Digital

I recently attended a business seminar that Patrick put on in Tampa. Every minute was jam-packed with value and I left with actionable take aways I was able to implement in my business. This was not a glorified sales call; if you have a chance to attend one, and you're intrigued, I'd say "go for it".


Tanyo Cielo     Lead Strategist at Sky Strategic Marketing

Patrick is a great leader in our BNI Network Partners chapter! We get the privilege of hearing the success stories from his Action Coach clients first hand each week and it is no surprise as Patrick is very detail oriented and methodical in his approach in helping his clients increase their business!




Victoria Jorgensen     Owner of A-Media Marketing

My team and I have worked with Patrick since securing his coaching services last spring. Patrick has helped me with a plethora of processes, employee compensation plans, methods to increase margins and even much needed scheduled days off for myself.




Ashley Butler   Owner Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair

Patrick is a very skilled coach. In the short amount of time that I have been working with him I have seen gains in both my professional and private life. The changes that he is making in my business have been easily implemented and widely accepted by my employees. He is helping me to stay focused as a leader on what I can do to serve my team as well as my customers. The strategies he's teaching are inline with my personality and values, which is important to me. Patrick is an active listener and very observant. Through the alignment meeting with my entire team we were able to create custom goals for our business. He was able to tailor what he has learned in his life to help me align myself to help me achieve my goals. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their business or organization to the next level. 




Marni Frank    Owner Café Liberty Coffee

We were introduced to Patrick at a business function several months ago. After some great conversation and lunch we took Patrick up on an invitation to attend an ActionCOACH seminar he was hosting. We found Patrick engaging. He told us we would see our business as we never did before. He was correct! After our seminar we hired Patrick to become our business coach. We have our weekly sessions, we vent, he listens. We then come up with productive steps and procedures to take action. I think Patrick Leask is an asset to any organization. He brings forth extensive knowledge with understanding. I admire Patrick for all his knowledge and experience. He’s a great coach leading a team to victory.

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