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Are you ready to meet Winchester Business Coach René Hollebrandse?


The number of business owners and executives that have taken a business coach as their mentor is growing exponentially. In Winchester Virginia, in the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley, Action Coach Rene Hollebrandse has been growing his clients businesses with dramatic results.

How is that possible?

Rene likes to point to five essential things that small businesses in particular tend to ignore:

1 Alignment

The personal goals of the owner are often not in sync with the goals of the business, the goals of the business partners, the employees and the views of the customers. Imagine a tire with 4 ropes and 4 people pulling in 4 different directions. The tire will be stretched and stretched, but not move much. The same is true for non aligned businesses.

The personal goals of the owners can be unclear, if there are business partners they might not feel the same drive and motivation, they might even have different goals. Employees sometimes are unaware of the company goals, and so on.

The result is a lot of effort pulling the business in all type of different directions.

Is your business in Alignment?

 When Rene starts coaching a business, the first thing to do is to do a business alignment. Get all the energy, from your life's goals to the entire company and its stakeholders flowing in one direction!


2 A practical ACTION plan

Some businesses have business plans into place, although often they were made once, then put into a drawer and forgotten. But based on a business plan, there ought to be an Action Plan, a practical plan that step by steps drives the business to improve itself, every week...

It is great that a business has goals, but only an Action Plan will tell HOW the business is going to achieve these goals on a week by week basis.

Does your business have an Action Plan?

Rene's clients have to make an Action Plan, every 90 days. This is done at an event called 'growth club' - and it is done as a workshop that Rene presents which is sponsored by the local chamber of commerce.

Businesses that have a plan outperform businesses that do not have one. So where is your business?


3 Regular meetings and feedback

Does the team in your business meet weekly to check where they are compared to the Action Plan? Do team members get regular feedback? Does the business owner get regular objective feedback on how things are going? Are regular performance reviews in place?

How many business owners do you know have a process in place to improve themselves, their lives, and their business?

Rene meets his clients every week to push them beyond what they think is possible. After all, isn't that what you expect from a coach?


4 To Measure Everything with simple KPI's

What you do not measure, you cannot improve. It is that simple. It is one of the reasons why an estimated 75% of marketing dollars is wasted. It is one of the main reasons why businesses stagnate. Why team output does not improve.  Some business owners are afraid of numbers, think that their business is unique.  And then they are outperformed by their competitor and don't know why.

The rule is simple. Measure everything!

Yes, within reason, and when you just start, you focus on the main things. But in the 100,000 businesses that have been coached by the ActionCOACH system, and in millions of businesses outside of the system, it is proven over and over again that just the act of measuring what you do, will give a significant improvement. The figure of an average of 10% improvement is often used. Imagine that, having a 10% higher sales rate, a 10% higher efficiency, a 10% of everything... The compound effects of all these higher rates will improve the profit level dramatically.

Does your business have Key Performance Indicators in place to measure everything?

Rene teaches what the most important KPI's are that you need to track, and will provide the templates to help you out. Running a business by numbers is what it is all about.


5 Having the right balance between Time Investment and Time Spending

How many hours do you spend working IN the business, versus ON the business? And how is that true for your team? How often do you go home at the end of the working day, tired because you have been so extremely busy, but... you cannot remember what on earth did eat your time.

So many business owners spend their time, and forget that in order to make real money, and to gain time to spend outside of your business, you have to INVEST your time.

Imagine this, a person that can reach 80 years of age, has had 4000 weeks of life to live.

Is time in your company spend wisely? Do you work IN, or ON your business?

That is why time management is one of the essential areas that a business mentor like Rene will work on.

Your business needs to work without you!



Rene: "My clients who took me on as their mentor will start implementing these 5 things - results then follow, with an ROI that is positive within 3 months. Winthin a year several clients started to have record breaking results."


You want to know what a business coach does? The answer is simple: pushing a business owner beyond the point where they would stop if left to their own devices. This video clip explains it best:


Rene featured in the Winchester Star

To view a copy of the article, click here.

 Rene's Pro Forum


Q. What is the most common mistake that starting business owners make?

A. Lack of proper book keeping along with the lack of tracking other essential numbers such as the return on marketing dollars. Sadly 4 out of 5 businesses fail within the first 5 years. Large personal sacrifices are made and the sad thing is most of the time it wasn't needed. A certified business coach will help you create systems for tracking all your income and output to create a business that collects massive profits.   


Results of Rene's coaching over all: snapshots

Announcing the results of 2013

Very interesting results of Rene's clients that were with him all of 2013:

Average revenue went up by 30%

Average profit growth was only 25%

Job Growth was a stellar 43%

ROI on coaching was 516%

Rene: "At the end of the year, once the madness of the government shutdown had resided, a significant number of my clients continued hiring, raising salaries and benefits for both their employees as themselves at a dramatic pace, as well as a big number of other investments. Profits (and thereby ROI on coaching) went down significantly since for tax reasons a lot was written off immediately. It explains these weird numbers of massive employee and revenue growth, with lagging profit numbers. Needless to say, we are on top of watching the margins this year... What I am also seeing is the effect of coaching bigger businesses, getting Profit up year after year with the same insane percentages like in 2012 is slowly getting more difficult."

Recognition in 2014

Due to her client results, Crystel Smith (a coach working on Rene's team) was awarded the North American 'Rookie of the Year business coach' award.

Two of Rene's clients won prestigious awards with the Top of Virginia Chamber of Commerce:

Jeremy Wright won 'Entrepreneur of the Year'

Nibblins won 'Small business of the Year'

spectacular Overal 2012 results. AVERAGE client that was with Rene from January 1 till December 31st

11 of Rene's 19 clients where the full year with him. The average results of these 11 clients in the 12 Months of coaching were:

Average Revenue Growth 46%

Average Growth in Job positions 29% (which equaled  5.09 new jobs per client)

Average Profit Growth 90%

Average ROI on $ invested in coaching: 614%

Please note that there are also less tangible results of coaching: for instance, several clients mention 'the knowledge that I am in total control of my business' as a result.

March 2012

Rene hit the 'Global Top One Hundred' of the best Businesscoaches for the first time! Besides Rene, there were 15 other USA business coaches in the March Global top 100.

January 2012

Todd Drunagel, after being coached by Rene, was awarded the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award by the Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations Todd!

July 2011

Rene was again listed in the top 50 of best North American Business Coaches.

August 2010

Just did a count and 8 of Rene's 12 "one to one" clients are either hiring new employees, or did hire last Month.  (note that of the four clients who did not expand, two are under two Months in coaching)

July 2010

4 from the 6 clients that are longer than 8 Months in coaching had a record Month (other 2 did well but were not back at their pre-recession peak)

First Calender Quarter 2010

average profit margin growth of clients over 80% (year to year basis)

Announcing the results of third Calendar Quarter 2009

Rene's clients improved their profit margins by on average 35%!!!  


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