5 Ways You Can Show Up As a Leader and Drive Productivity

When it comes to leadership, it’s all about how you show up as a leader. It’s not only about the direction you are taking the company toward that matters. Attitude is everything. It’s all about how you lead and direct your team.

The attitude you display, the words you speak, your body language, how you behave under pressure –all giveaways of how you show up in your daily life –and most importantly, how others perceive you based on your behavior.

Leaders are not merely valued for their competencies, knowledge or experience –in fact, their core values and ethics define them. In tough times, these leaders can inspire teams by their personal brand and what they stand for. This is what separates great leaders from mediocre ones.

And it all comes down to how they show up… let’s outline some basics you should adhere to as the leader of your organization…

  1. Dress the part –Like it or hate it but perception is reality. People will see you as a serious leader based on how you dress and power dressing can also help you play the part well. It’s all about mindset.
  2. Play the role –Leaders are often perceived as bold, fearless, confident individuals who are great at public speaking. Lack in any such area …? Go fix it.
  3. Be authentic –One of the most endearing and critical of leadership qualities is authenticity. You can only enlist your team in your vision if they trust you. Build your own voice.
  4. Listen more –Show your team you care –if you’re not listening actively, what message are you sending across?
  5. Be honest –Give constructive feedback and also praise where you need to. Balance the two and you will build a great, honest culture and a highly productive team.

Hear some of the best practices from experts in the fields of leadership…