Best Advice for Managers: How to Balance Management and Coaching

To build a great team, you need to be able to balance management with coaching.

While most managers believe they are naturally coaching, it’s not always the case.

So what type of managers are actually effective coaches? Answering the following questions will give you a good idea where you stand as a manager and will serve as great advice on how you can hone your coaching skills:

Are you directive or collaborative?
Good managers are directive -however, great managers/ coaches are able to step back and allow their teams to come up with creative solutions, instead of just exerting their power and influence over their teams.

When your team members come up to you for advice, do you jump at the opportunity of solving their problem or help them come up with their own solutions?
Good managers are able to do  a bit of both. But instead of first jumping in and providing a solution, they encourage their team to come up with their own solutions by asking the right questions.

As you can see, a great manager is one that can balance management and coaching by asking great questions -so that their team is empowered and is able to perform at a higher level.