Where Do Small Businesses Go For Help With Growing Their Business?

Are you looking at where you can go for help on growing your business to the next level?

This is where a small business consultant or coach enters the scene to provide you with the advice and mentoring you need to grow your business and take it to the next level.

A small business coach will start by understanding why you went into business in the first place, what your goals were, and where you (currently) are in the process.  With this understanding,  your business coach will teach you how to be a better business owner and hold you accountable to learning what you need to learn, and at the same time show you how to critically solve your problems.  With this level of motivation (and push), you will be able to find solutions both in your personal and professional life.

Where a small business consultant differs is mostly around how they solve your problems.  A small business consultant is focused on finding the answers, the solution and doing the work for you. Once the consultant leaves, you do not have the tools to replicate his work.

A business coach provides you the toolkit and makes you do the work, so you can do it over and over again.

So which route is better for a small business owner?

It depends on where you are in your business.  In a case where the business cannot survive until the owner learns how to push through a challenge, a consultant is better suited to just fix the problem.

And in a situation where the business is a good business and the owner wants it to be great, a business coach is the correct choice.  At ActionCOACH, our belief is grow the owner… grow the business. You will earn at the speed at which you are able to learn.

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