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8012 Princewood Drive
Ohio 44236
United States
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Introducing Wayne Bergman

Welcome and thanks for visiting...



Is your business performing at the level you want?



Are you satisfied with the cash flow or profitability of your business?

If you were forced to be absent from your business for an extended period would your business continue to operate profitably during that time?  


If you were to sell your business today, would you be happy with the amount added to your portfolio?

If you are able to answer "YES" to all of these questions ... Congratulations! ... You have built a successful business that is able to deliver consistent results and is less dependent on you

If you are not in this situation ... Congratulations! ... You have discovered ActionCOACH and you no longer have to resolve these challenges on your own or keep doing things the hard way.

Thousands of business owners around the world have taken the first step to address these questions and realize their business dreams by leveraging the experience, knowledge and proven resources of the business coaches in Northeast Ohio from ActionCOACH business coaching. 

Where are you with your dream? Are you making the progress with business that you had hoped for? Is YOUR business giving you the financial results you are looking for?

As YOUR business coach I will help YOU build YOUR unique business...

~ It is all about YOUR dream and YOUR business! In addition to being your sounding board and resource for ideas and challenges, I hold you accountable for the decisions and actions YOU must implement to build your unique business...
~ Get your business on the financial trajectory that will achieve your long term goals and dreams...
~ Develop powerful sales and marketing strategies to increase your profits...
~ Build a motivated and loyal team you trust to perform and deliver outstanding results without your daily input...
~ Increase the amount of time you are able to invest in valuable areas of your business and life... 
~ Build a business that delivers the financial rewards you and your family deserve...
~ Develop an exit plan that allows you to leave in style and delivers the maximum value for all your hard work...

Here are 7 things you should know about award winning ActionCOACH Wayne Bergman...

1. Extensive International Business Experience. Combined experience as a business owner and an international sales executive for a Fortune 500 company. He successfully led business development activities and sales growth in US, Latin America and Asia Pacific to include entering China and India.  

2. Results Focus. In working with you, we will be focused on addressing the short-term revenue, cash and profit issues YOU face while securing the long-term financial success of YOUR unique business.

3. Diverse Knowledge. He has extensive and proven business leadership experience in - sales and marketing environments, cash flow and profit management, financial management and controls, customer service, team building and performance, leadership development, succession planning and building growing businesse in a broad range of industries.

4. Coaching Approach. At ActionCOACH our definition of a successful business is one that works without the owner. Using his experience and the proven ActionCOACH model, he has built a network relationships and resources based on trust, integrity, openness, honesty and the actions and behaviors needed to help owners build a unique business that delivers sustainable business results. The fundamentals of business are the same for all business, the unique success of your business is because of how well YOU implement these fundamentals. 

5. Leadership and Team Building in Diverse Environments. Since graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy he has had the opportunity to coach, mentor, lead and influence international teams across a range of both direct and indirect relationships. 

6. Training and Development. He is committed to his personal growth, knowledge, skills and relationships needed to deliver the best advice and transfer of knowledge to his clients.

7. Experience in behavioral and organizational change. He has professional training and experience in the dynamics of interpersonal relations, leadership development and individual and team behavior in a variety of roles over his career in international business and military service. 

P.S. If you are a business owner, the first step to making the changes you desire in your business is accept that you MUST make some changes and then take the "Business Health Check" to see where your opportunities are.  Click here to get started.

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