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Hello. Can you Hear Me? Are you Listening?

Have you had this happen to you? You are on the phone with a ‘customer service’ representative and you are trying to fix an issue of some kind. The conversation starts out ok, but soon you realize that the rep on the line isn’t really listening to you. They are trying to force in key […]

What is your formula for Success?

Creating change in your life requires several elements and actions. When you consider success, it is not by accident that people achieve great things, use a systemized approach. In a recent DriveTime video VIDEO, Brad Sugars, founder, and CEO of ActionCOACH discusses his formula for success. Success…

SUCCESS: Luck or Hard Work?

As most celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today, and the word luck gets thrown around, it is interesting to ask yourself a question. Is success a product of luck, chance and out of your control? Or, is it the product of hard work? Surprisingly, many successful people do consider themselves lucky, but th…

How Well Does Your Business Do The Collaboration Dance?

After my recent visits to the dentist, I started thinking of how critical collaboration is within that industry. The ‘ballet’ performed by the hygienist and the doctor is a product practice and precision. If their collaboration fails, the patient pays the price, either by losing time or experien…

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Throughout history, there are stories of inspirational women who demonstrated reliance, strength, and courage. Today on International Women’s Day, lets celebrate some women in business that have paved the way for so many. Entrepreneurship can be a difficult road but for women it is even more chall…

Passion vs. Stress. It’s a Vision Quest.

We all know someone who works long hours, is committed to their work, and finds great joy in what they do. The people we label passionate. We also know people that work late, are fully committed to what they do, but find no joy in what they do. These people we label stressed. It is […]