A Great Store Layout Coupled with Merchandising Can Help Boost Sales

Increase Average Sales Dollar - By: Brad Sugars
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Well-displayed and clearly-marked labels help assist customers, and make their shopping experience much more easy, quick and enjoyable.

Point of Sale (POS) material can be compared to "silent salespersons", and are a sales tool without precedent in the retail market.

Rearrange Store Layout and Merchandising:

Make sure your products are on shelves that are clearly marked with Bin Labels.  Not only will that assist your customers when purchasing, but it will also help you when re-ordering stock.

Stock should be presented clearly with no broken packaging. Fast moving items should be placed on or just above eye level with slow moving items placed just below eye level. End aisle displays should tell a story with clearly visible add-on sales items.

Make sure your most expensive items, or items with the highest margin are in your highest traffic areas.

Here are some useful hints and tips for effective Store Layout and Merchandising:

  • Top selling items should be displayed at eye level.
  • Slower moving items just below eye level.
  • Make sure all products are clearly marked, and the display is clean.
  • End aisles should be harnessed with 'specials' and impulse products.

Point Of Sale Material (POS):

These take the form of shelf talkers and Bin Labels and are available from your suppliers. If your current supplier isn't providing you with these 'silent sales people' then ring and request that they do. If you’re making up your own point of sale signs, remember to focus on the benefits of the product. Including a list of accessories that are commonly purchased with that item can help boost sales. 

For example if you've got a special on Ravioli, it's vital you mention what sauces are available.

Here are some useful hints and tips for using Point of Sale to boost sales:

  • Sell the benefits, not just the features.
  • Make the signs clear and colorful.
  • List other products which could (should!) be bought along with the original purchase.