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Brad Sugars, multimillionaire entrepreneur, Founder, and Chairman of ActionCOACH, the world's number one business coaching franchise, is helping entrepreneurs tap into new levels of success with his book, Instant Cashflow.

Instant Cashflow, currently ranked #47 on Amazon's 100 best-selling books on marketing, and #61 on raising capital for small business and entrepreneurship, is part of Sugars' "Instant Success Series," and seeks to help business owners maximize their business profits through smart and proven business strategies.

Instant Cashflow outlines specific methods that entrepreneurs can use to achieve business success, focusing primarily on Sugars' innovative marketing and sales strategies. In his conversational, matter-of-fact tone, Sugars explains how entrepreneurs of any level can implement his sales and marketing strategies to dramatically increase their company's cash flow.

The business methods Sugars outlines in Instant Cashflow are drawn from the author's many years of professional success. Financially retired at 26, Sugars is a multi-millionaire businessman who assists, motivates, and trains hundreds of thousands of business professionals worldwide through books, DVDs, seminars, and ActionCOACH's international team of business coaches.

"Business is just a game, and Instant Cashflow helps entrepreneurs to understand the game's rules and how they affect their chances of success," Sugars says. "Once business owners understand the rules of business, as well as how to keep score, they can follow any number of my '282 Tips to Make it Happen' in order to turn their business into a mechanism that allows them to live the type of life they always dreamed of living."

"Instant Cashflow doesn't just teach professionals how to succeed," he adds. "It redefines success and puts it within the reach of global small business owners."

"Brad's books outline clear business strategies that allow entrepreneurs to attain great success," ActionCOACH Master Licensee Steve Brock says. "The techniques are used by each ActionCOACH around the world. They are proven methods that deliver real business results for entrepreneurs."

Instant Cashflow is published by McGraw-Hill, Inc., and is part of Sugars' "Instant Success Series" of entrepreneurial books. The "Instant Success Series" is published in a number of different languages and is available in international bookstores and on

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