The Word is Leverage

Tools of the Trade - By: Stephen Wanmer
Business Coaching Article | Ten Principles of Leadership

I was in the midst of a chaotic group of business coaches, frantically working against the clock trying to complete a very challenging team activity in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

There were eight sub groups, each with a little bit of paper with an obtuse pattern and instructions to paint the pattern onto a huge canvas. However ActionCOACH coaches are all passionate about the principles of Leverage and ‘Win Win’, so the eight little bits of paper were quickly assembled together and the word ‘Leverage’ emerged. As the time pressure intensified, the eight huge pieces of canvas were hurriedly put together and the word was outlined across them all; others quickly grabbing paint brushes to complete the painting.

“Pick up the paintings and carry them back to the conference in the Hilton!” the facilitator instructed.
So we did! Visualize eight groups of coaches, each carrying a massive canvas, still wet with paint, having to walk through the park, cross over a main road and through the formal Hilton foyer on the way back to our function room.

The next task was to build a frame and mount the entire painting and stand it against the wall – in 10 minutes of course!! But there it stood –eight meters long and three meters high - the word “LEVERAGE” – the evidence of team leverage in action!!

And so ended a two-hour activity that had seen us all running through the main streets of Melbourne following crazy instructions to collect from masked people, all the things we needed to complete the mural.

What a great and crazy time it was – if you ignore the blisters on the soles of my feet. (I didn’t have my running shoes!!) And how proud we all were to be ActionCOACH business coaches, putting into practice the great principles of co-opetition, (instead of competition) leverage and abundance to achieve the goal. The amazed facilitator had never seen a group successfully complete this task before.