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The Importance of Team Engagement in the Work Place

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Is your team fully engaged? Here are some scary details about team engagement in the workplace…

I was shocked to read a recent set of findings on team engagement in the workplace. They showed that in Western Europe only 14% of those surveyed who were employees of an organisation considered themselves engaged! This means that 86% of the employees either consider themselves as not-engaged or, worse, actively dis-engaged.

Do these figures apply to your business? If they do and you were a rowing team in the eight boat entering the Olympics at Rio this summer you would only have one person rowing your way! The others would either be sitting watching or maybe doing something to slow your boat down. I would not put any money on you getting a gold medal if that is the case in your business!

Having seen this, it is not a real surprise that the information from Josh Bersin of Deloittes Consulting in the article “The new world of work” recently showed the following –

The most important trend in business in 2016 was considered Culture and Engagement – with 87% rating it as important and 50% very important.

Leadership gaps was seen as the second most important trend with 86% rating it as important and 51% very important.

Linked to these, the third most important trend is Learning and development with 86% rating this important and 40% very important.

The same survey also showed a dramatic shift in how people want to learn. Top learning type was “share knowledge with my team” with 87% selecting this. Company training was considered an appropriate learning tool by only 37%!!

So, what does this mean to you?

I guess there are two things I would ask you to consider –

  1. What is engagement like in your business and how can you measure it? Well I have access to a survey tool that is available to you by following this link – http://www.employsurvey.com/roger-pemberton/ . It only takes a few minutes to select the team members whose opinion you want and I can get the results back to you a few days after they have completed the survey.
  2. What could my business benefit from if engagement was higher across my team? The sorts of benefits that have typically been seen in engaged teams are – 62% fewer safety issues, 55% lower staff turnover, 3X more creativity in the team, 37% lower absenteeism, 22% more profit for the business, 24% higher customer engagement and 31% more productivity. Are any of these areas that you are looking to improve.

You may ask, well why is Roger telling me all this? The answer is that there is a new group of coaches called Engage and Grow and I have become the first in East Anglia to join the team and am now certified as an Engage and Grow facilitator. I decided to take this move because I was shocked at the figures above and felt that I wanted to give East Anglian businesses, and organisations of all types, the opportunity to gain the tangible benefits available from having an engaged team. Engage and Grow take on the challenge about preferred learning style and as a result I can offer a series of facilitated team based workshops, over an intensive program that are designed to maximise team engagement in the process of improving the heart and brain of any business.

To decide if this would be of interest to you why not arrange to get your team to take the FREE survey by following the link – http://www.employsurvey.com/roger-pemberton/ or e-mail me at rogerpemberton@actioncoach.com  or call on 01508494414 to find out more about what you could gain form a more engaged team.

I hope you have found this article interesting.

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