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Signs You Have Built A Great Company Culture

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Creating a thriving company culture is a very subjective process.

We could offer hacks and tips that may drive you in the right direction, but, at the end of the day, it has to be you, the business owner who creates that. It has to come from your heart and your mind. No hacks or tips are going to give you that. There are, however, signs that you are on the right path; that you have succeeded in creating a winning company culture.

1. People cannot wait to join your team

Professionals, the best of the best, have heard about your culture and your team. Your reputation precedes you. And they can’t wait to be part of something so illuminating.

2. They don’t leave

Turnover is super low, especially if this is true with your entry-level and mid-level jobs. Executives often stay long term because it’s safe and you pay them well. But if you workers in accounting stay for years on end, know that you’re doing something right.

3. Gossip isn’t tolerated

It is juvenile and there is a no-tolerance policy. At every level, gossip is shut down with an encouragement to speak directly to the individual.

4. Team members are energized by the mission

They believe in what they’re doing, and the excellence of their works proves that.

 5. There’s a palpable team atmosphere

Employees feel like they really matter, that they aren’t just their jobs.   

6. Communication is paramount

From the executives to the mailroom, people communicate.  They actively listen. They share ideas. They feel heard.

 Remember, you build up your people and your people build your business. Create a company culture that will help your employees thrive.


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