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Find your Niche at this Event...


Are you tired of competing on price?

In this event leading Brisbane Business Coach Brad Flynn will take you through the 5 steps to create a Niche in your marketplace and finally stop competing on price.

Here is an overview of what you will learn and how you begin to implement it in your business as soon as you leave this event…

1.           What key principle you must apply to stop wasting your money and energy on attracting (or holding on to) the wrong clients.

2.           The Myth about Guarantees and why it is a must to have in your business and how it forms an integral part of your Niche.

3.           How to assess the market place to find the best opportunities for your business.

4.           What steps to take so you know that you have found your Niche.

5.           How to combine all of the above so you maximise your profits and begin serving more of your ideal clients.

As a BONUS, you will receive

1.           The ActionCOACH USP and Guarantee Questionnaire that the coaches use with their clients. 

2.           A list of peoples common fears and frustration from a range of different industries you can use as a base to building your own effective guarantee and begin converting more prospects to customers.

These resources, together with what is presented in the workshop will go along way to Make You Stand Out From The Crowd In Your Marketplace.

(* Workshops can be tailored in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours to suit your event.) 

Here are some of the stories of Brads clients...


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