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How to make sense of your business numbers…

Learn how to finally understand the financials in your business. In this session you will learn how to read your financial statements and how to apply them. You will be given all the tools you need to control your finances better!

In this workshop leading Brisbane Business Coach Brad Flynn, will take the confusion out of your numbers so you can make better decision about the numbers in your business.

Here is an overview of what you will learn...

1.  How to read your Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet and how they connect to reveal where your cash may be hiding.

2.  Understand what the cash gap is and how it can affect your cashflow.

3.  How to calculate the break even sales point for your business to keep you focused.

4.  Where the most common cash holes are in your business and how to plug them up quickly.

5.  How to combine all of the material from this workshop so you have a clear plan of action.

As a BONUS, all attendees will receive:

1.  Break Even Calculator and Cashflow projection spreadsheets.

2.  Access to additional online material to further complement the workshop information.

These bonus resources are specifically designed to help rapidly implement the information from the workshop and assist you in getting full control of your numbers.

(* Workshops can be tailored in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours to suit your event. All workshops include bonus material that will speed up the learning and implementation of the information)


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