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The Difference Between Leadership And Management


Discover why there can be no Leadership without Management...


Do you struggle to get your team to take responsibility so you can be freed up and really grow your business?

Despite there being a massive amount of books on Leadership in business, there are relatively few on how to Manage people. Until you can manage your team you will never be able to really grow your business using your team.

In this workshop find out what it takes to have a high performing team taking responsibility for their actions and the role they plan in the business.

Here is an overview of what you will learn...

1.  What the number one thing is business owners do that forces thier staff not to take responsibility and how to prevent it happening.

2.  What your team crave and how you can give it to them to boost performance and profit without spending anything extra.

3.  The 5 things you must do to manage people effectively and thus be free to lead your team and not get bogged down.

4.  How to begin to establish a culture within your business that will have your team members raving positively about your business. 

5.  How to combine all of the material from this workshop so you leave with a clear plan of action.

As a BONUS, all attendees will receive:

1.        Brad's Rocket of Performance Survey to quickly get and idea of exactly what your team members need to really perform.

2.        Access to additional online material to further complement the workshop.

These bonus resources are specifically designed to help you rapidly implement the information from the workshop so you and your team can begin turning your customers into Raving Fans and keep them coming back again and again.

(Workshop length can be tailored from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending your needs.) 

Leading Brisbane Based Business Coach and Mentor, Brad Flynn, has worked with 1000's of businesses over the last 17 years to help them significantly boost thier profits and at the same time create high performing teams who want to be an integral part of the success of the business that employs them.

As part of the Worlds Number 1 Business Coaching Firm, ActionCOACH, Brad has access to the latest educational tools and techniques to optimize the speed at which the participants learn and apply the information and improve thier performance individually and as a team. 

 "We went from a small team of 3 each working 80+ hours a week and not making any money to now having 11 vehicles on the road, working no more than 40 hours and making profits we would never have dreamed of."  

- Michael Mortimer, Express Plumbing Group    


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